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    Pilot program

    So there's an e-mail about a pilot program for land access. Is this a resurrection of what they were trying to push through last year with making ND like SD with everything posted?
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    okay I have too much time on my hands to think. With the oil prices being in the toilet, I would assume the ethanol prices would crash also. Thus less corn planted. Must be super hard on the farmers to know what to plant this spring under these challenging times. Or are there enough subsidies to...
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    CRP signup

    I keep hearing about new CRP signup, than I hear that it is probably just lip service and won't result in any more being enrolled(this from farther south). What is happening with the signup in ND? Is it worthwhile to the land owners? Will it result in more or will the loss just continue? Is...
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    Garmin XERO S1

    OKay has anyone tried this critter? Thinking of getting it for my wife for Valentine's Day. I know, I spoil her. Does it do what it claims and how easy is it to use? I'm hoping something like this could shorten the slumps we have over the year.
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    Tumor e-collar?

    Just had a tumor removed from the neck of a 4 year old. Fortunately benign. But what got me was that is right where the e-collar sits. We haven't had to hit him any harder than any other dog, but he has gotten a fair amount of low level taps to remind him to stay in range. Question is has anyone...
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    Dog boots

    Plan to be in an area that has cactus and sand burrs. Long ago I used a rubber dog boot(Lewis?) that seemed to work well. What is the state of the art in booting dogs now? Are rubber boots still available?
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    Dog friendly

    I'm going to be passing through southwest Nebraska this fall planning on a couple days of hunting. I have an old dog who went blind that I will not leave home. He needs a real dog friendly motel, like ground floor, maybe seperate entrance or a back door. Thinking McCook, but flexible.
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    snake prevention

    So I am thinking about trying a chukar hunt. Snakes worry me. Supposedly you can snake proof a dog. I've watched the videos and it seems to be basic E-collar work. Here's the rub. There are no snakes in Alaska and if I could legally(?) bring one in it would probably just lay there because of our...
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    Snake questions

    Last year I took a retirement trip through Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Came back and the stock market tanked so I went back to work. Now I need another retirement trip and was thinking of trying for chukars and valley quail in Idaho. However snakes scare the c#$% out of me for my...
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    Retirement trip

    Just finished a retirement present to myself. Hunted across Montana,North Dakota and South Dakota. Hunted almost exclusively public land and never the same place twice. Not even the spot I had 3 in the vest in less than an hour. Not the best way to get the most birds,but sure was fun. Weirdest...
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    behind seat kennels

    Does anyone know of a place to buy a pair of kennels to fit behind the seat in an extended cab pickup? One 400 fits fine, but we can't get a second one in on the other side. Would like to buy a one piece kennel with openings on both ends that could fit 2 swamp collies. Prefer plastic or...
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    Looking to lease Golden retriever bitch

    I have a Golden male that I would like to breed. His name is Chena Red dragon Roadster , he has all his clearances. I've listed him with K-9 data and all the info is available there. Although he has great drive and is an exceptional hunter I haven't field trailed him due to where I live. That...
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    dog virus in midwest

    I have friends who have heard about a new virus(?) that is killing dogs in the midwest. Supposedly they aren't even sure what it is, virus or something else. They canceled a hunting trip because of worry for their dogs. What is the up to date on canine influenza and other nasties going around?
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    Longtime reader, finally decided to join as I'm entering semiretirement due to upcoming knee surgery. Have chased pheasants in various of the plain states for 30 plus years. Always up for new spots.