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    2018 UGUIDE Pheasant Hunting Announcements

    Pheasant Hunters, New Info about the UGUIDE 2018 season has been posted in the News section on the UGUIDE website. Updates are around rates, camp offerings, policies, etc. 2018 UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season Announcements

    Birds Be Seen!!

    Just got 2 reports from my outfitters that were both harvesting crops and seeing good bird numbers. One was near Lemmon and other near Highmore. One reported very small late hatched birds. One saw 50 in a group. They had a freeze last night at Lemmon. Seems when temps drop bird sightings...

    2017 South Dakota Resident Only Pheasant Opener Weekend

    Who's heading out to try and bag some birds for whiners weekend (resident opener)?

    The Pay Hunting Vs. Free Hunting Myth

    We will debunk this right here and now with your posts. For so many years there has been this battle about pay to play and public. Commercial Vs. Free. I know for sure there is no such thing as free hunting. $40 that goes to every single CREP acre comes from your license fees and $7 off...

    A Growing Revolution

    Here is the latest off the UGUIDE Presses...... Please make an impact and share this info with the operators you know of that impact the landscape in South Dakota or surrounding states. This system addresses the declining small grains dilemma that is impacting pheasants across the region. A...

    Pheasants Forever Getting in the "Forecast" Game

    Just got an email on this I noticed when GFP did their update is was not posted as news on the PF site. Unusual. This may be why. Regardless, I feel it is misleading and woefully inaccurate. If for no other reason that these 3...

    Non Blaze Orange Upland Vest

    Looking for a good vest with no blaze orange on it. Good for holding shells, water bottles for dog and of course birds in back in case there is some success.

    SD adding more preserves

    South Dakota Pheasant Propaganda

    Anybody else get this email? "Despite news of a lower brood count survey that showed a decrease in the statewide pheasants-per-mile index, there are many positives when it comes to pheasant hunting in South Dakota. South Dakota is home to the greatest pheasant hunting opportunities in the...
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    Soybeans are turning

    Guessing not too much mud in the equation for crop harvest. Soybeans should be first up on the crop harvest report! Winter Wheat planting after that and then onto corn harvest. If its real dry that all happens at the same time. Looking for a report of first soybean combine rolling.
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    Drought is Good News for Pheasants!

    The best thing to happen this year to pheasants in South Dakota is THE DROUGHT! Here's why. Farmers could have drought proofed their crops had they used simple conservation agriculture practices. The new bleeding edge in commodity agriculture today is all about managing soil health. And to...
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    Seeing some young birds with red cheek patches. Roosters. Colony that farms my ground says they are seeing as many if not more birds than last year. They farm a lot of wheat acres and are seeing them in the wheat. Hearing some good cackling at last light. Overall I do not personally see...
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    No longer for sale

    Item is no longer for sale
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    Benelli 20 Gauge Questions

    I have hunted with an SBE 12 for years and love it. If a 20 ga 3" packs same leathality of 12 I may be interested in toting a 20 in the filed as opposed to the 12. If Benelli makes one that holds 5, 3" shells that would be the dingles since mine only holds 4. Seems like they have a lot to...
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    This is Millborns custom mix similar to that they create for GFP. It is currently the shining star at my camp. Planted early May and has been developing ever since. Looks great. Real test will be when hunters do survey by shotgun this fall and then when the real nasty weather hits the fan to...
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    What an August!

    Recently bopping around with my farmer neighbor and we are checking rain gauges and he says before you dump that out you gotta do something. I say "What's that?" He says "you thank the Lord up above". And so that's my newest best habitat practice. The rain and temps we have had this August...
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    2017 south dakota pheasant hunting roadside survey

    It's out early this year gentleman! 2017 SOUTH DAKOTA PHEASANT HUNTING ROADSIDE SURVEY
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    2017 south dakota pheasant hunting brood count survey

    Here it is boys! The official Brood Count Survey is Out! 2017 SOUTH DAKOTA PHEASANT HUNTING BROOD COUNT SURVEY Enjoy!
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    10 foot corn in drought country

    One of my camps is in a county listed as natural disaster area in SD. Really dry early on but getting some rains now. Their production corn is 100 bushel and acre in a really good year. He texted me pictures of his corn food plots that are roundup ready seed we get and said the stuff was over...
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    CRP Haying Scenario - Right or Wrong?

    An landowner in South Dakota owns 1500 acres. Half of it is in CRP and the other half is in crop and pasture. He farms crops and cattle and also takes in pheasants hunters in the fall. He's got about 60 hunters booked at his place over 7 weeks. The drought is bad this year and CRP is open...