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    solo hunter in iowa

    looking for a group to possibly join this hunting season I live in Fort Dodge and am willing to travel within reason....My girlfriend has a 16 yr old has completed and passed hunters safety course like to get him his first rooster.. we don't have a dog I have taking him out a few times...but...
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    Thanks captaincooter

    Thanks captain for allowing me to hunt with you and your group..yes there is birds in iowa lol..i got to hunt with a great bunch of guys and some of there dogs...i had fun and enjoyed every minute of it until..... hmmmmmm i got wet was walking across river or creek going to some cattails...
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    full or improved cylinder

    going out hunting today in northern iowa...i have a full choke or an improved cylinder for my browning invector plus which one should i use this time of year?
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    best boots for being out in snow all day

    ok i shovel snow so im outside in it all day when it snows.. i want to know what would be a good pair of boots to get something that will keep my feet warm and dry.. also these boots would be used for hunting also..... want something that will be comfortable to wear all day long they keep my...
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    had a shot

    after being out for a number of days know..i finally had a shot at a rooster...but i didnt get a shot off due to the fact i thought he was too far away for a shot..he was farther then 50 yards i do think.. going out this weekend and hope it snows
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    i've been thinking and looking at putting a scope on my 870 12 many on here have a scope on there shotgun... what a good power to get? what bracket? also thought about redoing it to synthetic..thoughts?? thanks
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    computer question

    i have a desk top currentily... thought of maybe going to a laptop for a nmuber of reasons..... no sound (cant afford to pay a tech to fix it) on my desktop i have cable modem that i pay 71.00 a month for expensive i know reason why im thinking on a lap if i get a lap top could i...
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    27" tv for sale

    i have a 27" tv works very good.. good pic , good sound..its only a couple years old like maybe 2 or 3 years old enclosed is a picture of my tv which is just like the one im selling my dads and his is just like mine..asking 100.00 [/IMG]
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    any reloaders??

    im posting this here rather then classifieds... i had a guy i do lawn mowing for give me about 100 to 150 shotgun shells (he reloaded them) i dont know if i really trust them i wanna make sure they are good and wont blow or damage either one of my guns.. and i really dont know what shot size...
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    black pheasant

    has anyone seen one around where you hunt at? heard a guy shot one yesterday...
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    fort dodge area?

    just was gonna see if there is any forum members close to fort dodge that hunt pheasant,deer,tukey.. that would like a hunting partner
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    best time

    whens the best time to hunt pheasants? does it matter? starting to get a little frustrated.. i was gonna head up north or west tomorrow but know i cant due to a broken down of these weekends i am gonna go what time is better to hunt?morning or afternoons?
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    my journey today

    left my house at 12:00 going to hunt this area close to my home and just outside city limits and public hunting with lots and lots of cover and food abound but not one bird to be seen... heres just a few pics of what i walked through some of the weeds was just as tall as me... here is a partch...
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    answer me this

    compelete newbie here.. just thought of say your out pheasant hunting and you kill one what do you do with it to get the meat off it etc....guess im lucky for not getting one as i dont know what to do after the kill
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    alan's first ever hunt (deer) jan 2 2010

    this was an awesome hunt for me got this big passion about deer hunting or hunting in general.. so i had to find these guys to take me which they did and what a blast.......i wanna do it again but i have just a little handicap im just a little slow upstairs hard for me to catch on etc so...
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    where else can i hunt

    all last week was spent walking ditches and from the looks of it they aint in no ditches...should i move to crp fields, woods?
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    Best Upland Boots

    I wanted to find out what you guys think are the best upland boots for a beginner.
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    Ditch Hunting Question

    If I'm hunting in a ditch, following the 200 yard rule and all others: if a pheasant flushes out of the ditch, into the air, and crosses the fence line, can I shoot it legally?
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    does anyone carry a knife when they go hunting?? i do know deer hunters carry one, last year my sister got me a gerber metolius 3.5 blade with gut hook for deer hunting aint used it yet i hope to some time lol...if you do carry a knife what kind do you guys carry?? pocket knife or fixed blade
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    choke tube/shot size

    i have a browning invector plus bps 12 gauge with a full choke tube in it will this be ok for walking ditches? or should i go by another one? brought the gun used from someone its in good shape and shoots good..i got a good deal on it only paid 100.00 for it lol... i have 5 boxes of 8 shot...