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    Dog bell

    Favorite dog bell ? I have a small French Britt. Thanks
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    Favorite bell

    Looking for a pleasant sounding bell for my French Britt. She is quite small so would prefer a small bell. Thanks a lot.
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    Prairie chickens

    Top on my bucket list is bagging a prairie chicken. Father time's creeping up on me, I'm 80. Am hoping for some suggestions. Have a Lab & Britt. Even consider a well recommended guide. Thanks for any imput / suggestions. Thanks George.
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    Are there any Quail in South Dakota ? Haven't seen any mention of them .
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    I'm a seasoned, 79 yr old, hunter looking at getting my 3 yr old French Britt into some wild quail. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks much.
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    Highway 2

    Heading west to Teddy Roosevelt park North unit. No time limit. Any reason I shouldn't take Highway 2 ? Thanks.
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    Gun Shop

    I'm thinking on heading to the the Teddy Roosevelt parks this summer & might buy a Ruger 10/22 take down while there to save some sales tax. Any gun shops that ya'll might recommend ? Thanks much.
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    ND getaway

    I'm pondering a trip out to ND in the near future. Going to both Teddy Roosevelt parks. Toy hauler with a motorcycle. Gonna camp in the North unit. Any don't miss things I should see ? Preferably kinda off the beaten path. Has the oil boom ruined that area ? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks much.
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    On a cycle ride today in SW WI had 2 half grown pheasants cross in front of me. At another stop heard a couple of roosters crowing. Who'd have thunk ?!!!!
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    Kennel crate pad.

    I have a busy French Britt that likes to chew. Had a blanket in it for a pad. Friend gave me heck saying he knows of dogs that chewed / swallowed that type & needed surgery to get it removed. Suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Winter so far.

    What kind of winter are yall having in North Central SD ? Know a lot can happen in the next couple of months, but a great hatch is really needed after last year.
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    Bell for French Britt

    I have a 10 month French Britt I'd like to use a bell on. She is quite small, 26 lbs, so don't want a real big bell but have to hear it. Suggestions ? No beeper.
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    My Lab is laughing !!

    I have a 8 month old French Britt who now has her ear hair full of ragweed burrs !!! I have a grooming rake like thingie with which I"ll pull off her ears before the burrs !! My smooth black Lab is laughing I think !! Suggestions?
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    Now that I have a pointer, French Britt, I feel I must Act & dress more Gentlemanly. Looking for a hat that looks the part of a Baron or such. The Austrian shooting hat with feathers looks nice. Thinking about staying away from the Breeks & Shooting jacket, but who knows. Would appreciate...
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    French Britt

    My French Britt Bisquit is 7 months old & is 17" tall & 19.6 lbs. She's a sniffin machine & has pointed pheasants, but is kind of hard to keep track of. Thinking a blaze vest. Not really into beepers & such. Possibly a bell. Suggestions ...
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    Game and Fish stocking pheasants

    Lets put this to rest. Does the South Dakota Game & Fish stock/release pheasants ? I have heard both ways. Suppose I should just call and ask.
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    Midwest Quail

    I'm from WI. & haven't shot or even seen any quail for 50 years. Did get a few in Kansas 30 years ago. Any suggestions as to where I might get my new Brittany pup into some ? Thanks.
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    To sit, or not to sit.

    Have see both views on training a pointer puppy to sit. Opinions ?
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    Training books

    Am getting my first pointer puppy & am looking for suggestions on books to read to train her. I have trained Labs with very good success but this Brittany will be my first pointer. Any help & suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. George.
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    I'm again thinking seriously of getting a Brittany pup. Have always hunted with flushing dogs, primarily Labs. My 5 yr old is about as good as I can expect, however I still have the pointer itch. How would you suggest finding a foot hunting, biddable, Britt. ? Don't want a high powered field...