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    New walk in map

    Sooooooo...... The NE corner was crowded enough. Now the DOW is allowing big game hunting on what looks like 80% of all walk in in the state and still not charging for a stamp. This should be an interesting season.... We don't have the amount of land that other neighboring states have for public...
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    Missing person

    I recently received an email from a close friend who has a family member that went missing in Summit county a couple weeks ago. If you know anyone heading up to the high country in that area please be on the look out. His name is Jack McAtee and he is 27 years old, 5'10" 170 lbs. He was last...
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    Pheasants Forever food plot mixes

    Has anyone ordered seed from PF this year, or in the past?
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    Blue Grouse

    Just wanted to see how many people on here are going to hunt Blues this year. I think its a great way to get myself and my dogs into shape before pheasant season!:D
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    Martin SD?

    Has anybody ever hunted around the Martin area? I've driven through there many times and it always looks birdy but I don't see many birds. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Different scents from hens and roosters

    Sometimes I swear my 4.5 year old GSP can smell the difference between a hen and a rooster. She seems much more intense on a roosters trail and even has different body posture. Anyone out there seen the same thing in their dogs??