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    Tipperary Motel in Buffalo SD

    Im going antelope hunting out there this Fall and am looking for a motel. Anyone know of this place with positive or negative feedback? Anything else nearby that you would recommend? Dont need a 5 diamond resort but dont want to get Ebola flesh eating disease either.
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    Western SD Antelope Hunting

    Guys, I have more than enough points to draw an antelope tag this Fall. I want to do a DIY hunt not with an outfitter. Can anyone recommend any forums where I can learn how to make the best of it? Ive never hunted antelope or western SD. This will be a rifle hunt with a .270. Anyone else chase...
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    Unwanted visitor

    Im sure nobody else watches sportbike racing much less the Isle of Man TT. Its a 37 mile course thru city steets contryside and mountains with speeds approaching 200 mph. Brick walls everywhere. The talent these guys have is something I cannot comprehend and I rode sport ikes for 20+ years. The...
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    Lost Setter in Northern WI

    I hunted in Northern Vilas County for the past 4 days. This morning about 8 am I was walking a trail with my springer when out of no where a Setter comes down the trail at mach 2. I assumed it was someone walking the trail behind me so I walked back a hundred yards, didnt see anybody, waited a...
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    IL Crop Harvest Reports

    I wish it was more relevent in this state but still may be beneficial for some folks.. Beans in Ringwood, McHenry Co are coming out in a hurry. Started yesterday and theres several semis in one field mid day today.
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    McHenry County Pheasants Forever Banquet

    McHenry County PF is having its annual banquet on Thursday March 24th in Crystal Lake, IL ! Come on out and rub shoulders with your fellow bird hunters! I'll be there and would love to meet some other local bird and dog guys!
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    Transport a pup Pittsburg to Chicago Area?

    Any chance anyone is traveling through or from the Pittsburgh area to the Chicagoland area or beyond that may have room to haul a pup? I really dont want to fly a pup and its on the outside edge of where I would drive. I will if I can get my kid to go with me I suppose. This would be the second...
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    Pheasants Forever Visa Card?

    Today, I got a personal letter from Howard Vincent (:D) He wants me to open a PF Visa card.:D I've had the same 2 CC's for 25 years. I use Discover for 90% of all purchases. I dont write checks and only use cash for the smallest purchases. In those 25 years I have never carried a balance...
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    Bucket List--->2013

    There's still some game bird seasons open, but with 2012 behind us it's time to start planning for the 2013 season. What's on your bucket list for 2013? Different birds, different places, different people, different dogs? Mine will keep evolving as I lay awake in bed every night :D 1- My 2...
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    Southern WI Mon 12/24 ?

    anyone chasing roosters tomorrow? All of my Christmas and family obligations are later in the week so I'm looking to get out tomorrow. Yesterday, I drove around some areas west of me that got hit by the snow a few days ago, I thought it would've been cleaned up and more navigable but it was...
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    Thanksgiving weekend?

    anyone else get out over the TGiving holiday? I managed to scratch out two roosters over the weekend. Im going to try and get out midweek to try and avoid some pressure before doing a put n take hunt the next 3 weekends.
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    SD Crops Update

    I posted this in the SD forum without any resposes so I thought I would try it here. Has anyone else heard this about molding crops?? I made motel reservations in Waubay today. In talking with the owner of the motel, he asked what was bringing me to town. I said PHEASANTS ! Are there a few...
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    GPS with Maps

    I need a new GPS I'd like to be able to get one that I can download maps. Question is: If I download the maps from the SD DNR - like these and I had this GPS...
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    Anyone chasing grouse?

    Im getting jazzed up as the season draws closer. Im bear hunting the 16th-till I get my bear. I hope to lock that up pretty quick.(read as opening w/e) We have a place in Vilas County just N of Eagle River. Numbers look good this year. Anyone else hunt that area?