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    Pheasant Crow Counts

    35.8617° N, 104.1954° E
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Will covid issues bring back resident hunting and drive away nonresidents? Resident fishing license sales are way up.
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    What size shot???

    #5 lead and #3 steel are pretty good pheasant loads. #6 or #5 lead on quail behind a flushing dog I don't much difference besides maybe a lower percentage.
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    Feeling optimistic

    I have a pup coming hopefully oct. maybe Nov. Still waiting to see when she cycles. Plan on sending my 2 year old for training I never got done by myself. Early fall. So the sooner the better on the pup because I would like to spend a little alone time with her before the other one comes home...
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    Porcupine Question

    You don't have to worry about porcupines. Skunks, barbwire and maybe cattleguards. Porcupines no I think I have seen 2 in 30 some years
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Birds ,It was sarcasm. But I wouldn't lock down lodgeing in one place for more than a couple of days. Because you might end wanting to move. Lodging is easier to find than birds if they aren't there. Hot spotting, out of state pressure has been pretty steady on the quail the last 4 or 5 years
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Call before you come there may not be anything left by then.
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    Would anyone happen to have any experience with Dale Taylor and Fall flights Boykins in Hiram Nebraska.
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    Tell me about chicken hunting.

    Tips for first timer....please
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    Unloading a dog

    How do you go about reducing the chance of injuries when unloading a dog out of the pickup. The obvious is don't let them jump. I've been around guys who would unload by the collar and never really paid attention to how it was done. Is there a technique that works best. How about on video?
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    midseason reports

    Any good hunting reports out there, I miss the old days when we came on here to talk about dogs and birds and good times, locations not necessary. I took my pup out yesterday on good ground for a couple of hours on her first solo. She's still a little under 8 months and I went in planning on...
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    Few picks from today.

    Got out today,for the year three half days and one full day total. Monday was probably my best day as far as birds seen. Today the best as far as birds shot. Left one in the field and brought 2 home. Not a lot of pheasants around but it is what it is I guess. You still have to get the pups out...
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    What a glorious day. Be safe out there and be sure to take some time to enjoy the view. Good luck to all.
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    Upland bird forecast

    Well it's out. I don't think a person is going to make a whole lot of sense out of it until they get out and hunt.Be better off going back and looking at the drought monitor from late spring and focusing on the moderate drought areas in my opinion. Good luck this season fellas...
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    A heads up, due to late enrollments the printed maps are missing 24000 acres of huntable land. So if you go by the paper version only you are missing 150 quarters of walkin hunting. The online version is current.
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    Enthusiastic retrieve.

    My cbr Roo is a little over 10 weeks. She will retrieve bumpers not necessarily to hand (I usually have to cut her off. I started with a glove and she is crazy about it. At this point she'll jump into my lap at a full sprint with it. The problem I have is she drops it mid air right before...
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    Dog names

    4 or 5 years ago I thought I had come up with the perfect dog name Come to find out the whole family thinks it's stupid. What ever they decide to name her I think I will still go ahead and call her dig-g-d for short.
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    Silent command training.

    Have any of you all read the Delmar Smith book on silent command training. Not necessarily the Rick and Ronnie DVDs. I understand the book is well written?. Would it be any use to a retriever, flushing dog guy? When people speak of Delmars book, are they talking of the Tarrant book?
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    Sit to flush

    This is something I'd like to do with my next dog. Timing age and experience all play a part.I'm sure. Do you generally wait until the second season? Should I leave it to a prosessional? Are there things that can be done early say 8 or 10 weeks that will make it go more smoothly if I decide...
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    Man what a game. You have to love that.