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    Field kit + I had a blooper load

    This was actually Longshot. I had switched from SR4756 when I ran out. It was a listed recipe, but I think the Fed hull and Winchester wad were not a good combination. I have since switched to a Winchester hull and not had problems. I think the Longshot powder is a little harder to ignite...
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    Field kit + I had a blooper load

    I had an issue with some reloads a couple of years ago in cold weather. Primers would fire, but not ignite the powder leaving the wad stuck in the choke. This was in an O/U so it was easy to see. Radio antenna on the truck worked to poke it out. I carry a wad knocker now, but haven't had to...
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    The End?

    I have done it a few times for late season hunts in SW ND after major snowstorms. Most places they aren't needed, but to get up and over the drifts, they can really help. Crossing fences with them on can be problematic. Jerry
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    Rainy Day Shotgun Under $500?

    I picked up a Benelli Nova for that reason a few years ago. I have only used it a couple of times, but it seems to be a pretty good shotgun. Jerry
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    Food processing

    My understanding is that the 3rd opinion is typical, but of course this routine can get changed by weather, hunting pressure, available food, etc... Jerry
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    Ruger Gold Label

    I have heard of the Gold Label, but I have never actually seen one. If you are serious about a modern SxS, you could also look for a Browning BSS. They are also discontinued, but I know they made 12's and 20's. One pops up occasionally and they usually go for between $1k and $2k. I think...
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    Side by Sides

    I have a Miroku 12ga. that I have used a few times on pheasants. I mostly shoot Browning O/U's but recently picked up an Ithaca by SKB 20ga. SxS that I will have to try out. It is a light little gun that should be a pleasure to carry. Jerry
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    Bird/Deer Hunt SW ND

    I was in the SW the week before last. Pheasant numbers seemed about the same as last year, but they were hard to get close to. Saw more Sharptails than ever in that area. I have not been there during deer season, but the number of Mule deer we saw was amazing. They seem to be taking over...
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    Been different

    I spent last week in SW ND. The weather was great although a little too warm a couple of days. Pheasant numbers seemed about the same as the last couple of years. Sharptails were more numerous than I have ever seen them in the area we hunt. The cover was very thick and tall with some grass...
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    Coldest hunt you've been on

    I've been out in -20s in North Dakota a few years ago. Never know what you are going to have in the late season so you have to be prepared. I took my heavy combo coat/vest with me last week, but didn't need it. It was in the 40s Wednesday and Thursday. A little colder the rest of the days...
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    Bird numbers are great

    Some nice long tailed roosters there! I'm heading back out to the SW the week after next. I hope the weather doesn't hit the ditch by then. My friend sent me a video a couple days ago of pheasants flying into his cover. Looked like half the pheasants in the whole county were roosting in his...
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    Impact of fatigue on shooting

    I haven't noticed it so much hunting, but in trap shooting I know if I am getting tired or haven't eaten anything for a long time, it will affect my timing and my scores go way down. Once I notice it, I may as well quit for the day because it isn't going to improve until I get some rest. It...
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    Who let “this” dog out!!!

    I think you may be right about the intact male dogs. A friend I hunt with always has two or three Springers. The youngest one (maybe 3 yrs old) is getting aggressive with the others, all males, this year. I witnessed it attack his oldest (deaf and partly blind) Springer this year after a long...
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    Pheasants at night

    I have seen them roost in trees, but usually only when the snow is deep and the grass is mostly covered. Jerry
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    Hardest shot for me. You?

    I agree that Straight in and Straight away are the toughest. Going away they can take a bunch of bb's and keep flying. Coming straight in, it is easy to wait too long and then miss or blow them apart. Only advice I can give is gauge your range and don't take shots outside of your zone. Jerry
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    New upland gun!

    If you like the A5 except for the weight, take a look at the Double Auto. There are several variations. Some had steel receivers and some had aluminum for lighter weight. They only hold two shells, but I never saw that as much of a disadvantage since I don't know if I have ever used the third...
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    Another great trip to SW ND

    Just got back from a week in the SW corner of ND and though I would post a few observations. The birds are about the same as last year which is to say they are way down from 10 years ago. We put in a lot of walking for the birds we shot. One thing that was disturbing; there seemed to be a...
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    Late Season Hunt

    I made it out to the SW again after Christmas just in time for a small snow storm. I was hoping that there wouldn't be much more than a dusting, but it ended up being about five inches. Light fluffy stuff so it wasn't too bad. Only one of my friends was able to make it this year so we knew we...
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    Better than last year in the SW

    I was out in the SW for a four day weekend and the hunting is much improved over last year. It must have been above average in precipitation this year because the cover is in excellent shape. A lot of waist high grass and good looking crops. Most of the corn and sunflowers are still standing...
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    Cold in the SW

    Been hunting in the SW again this week. The weather has been so cold that it is a challenge staying warm. We saw -26 one morning. Mostly chasing hens around, but we managed seven roosters today for four hunters. It was overcast and snowing lightly with afternoon temps a steady -15 and a...