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    Opening Day Ducks Video - SE Louisiana

    Enjoyed, thanks for sharing. Iowa marshes are dried up.
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    Keeping pen raised quail/pheasant.

    So he keeps them in roughly a 20 x 20? Is the ceiling high? Thanks
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    Keeping pen raised quail/pheasant.

    Does anyone keep quail or pheasant in a pen are large shed? The guy a buy quail from keeps them in a large chicken house, they fly great.
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    Watch for Astro 430

    Instinct is a great watch. I wear mine every day during the winter months.
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    Why do the wildlife folks cut every tree

    Owls kill prey that roam at night.
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    Why do the wildlife folks cut every tree

    Evergreens are good for winter cover. The rest are better cut. We cut ours and make small brush cover to support grass's on fence rows and ditches. Pheasants typically hold very well in these.
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    Why is deer hunting so popular?

    Both my boys that are 19 and 23 hunt every thing possible except squirrels though that's where it started. They love to duck hunt and pheasant hunt but bow hunting for that big buck beats all. At least for now, desires sometimes change as we age. If they grew up when I did when pheasants were on...
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    Huns and quail in northern Iowa

    Same with quail limit, it's outdated.
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    Let's Bitch (Can't Hunt)

    Road hunters that walk the edge of your posted property instead of ditch and also let their dogs run free on the field while they are walking to road.
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    Hunting 2 dogs

    I do the same, 1 fast GWP goes 1st, then I hunt with my Griffon, slow pace for old man but excellent hunter.
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    Anybody ever seen this in the field?

    My friend learned not to call yotes with a yote sound in a cattle pasture the hard way. He was very lucky he didn't get trampled. Cattle will sometimes kill a yote in a trap.
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    Looking for gryphon breeder

    Stubborn Ass Kennel, Windham Kansas Worth the drive
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    Eating Grass….what?

    Better grass than some dung!
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    Most popular breeds for pheasant

    Griffin, great for an old man and smaller fields. Nose is outstanding, picks up birds my GWP speeds by.
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    Single shot guns?

    My son used a single shot by choice his last year of his youth hunt both days, 2 shells, 2 birds. He was happy, Ruger was not!
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    How do you store your frozen game and fish

    Have always used plastic wrap then freezer paper, never freezer burn.
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    Spring Turkey

    We cut the breast in small nuggets, marinade in Frank's Hot Sauce, bread and deep fry...really good this way.
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    2023 Nest Predator Bounty Program

    Thanks! I use the mellows but never thought of the vanilla extract.
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    2023 Nest Predator Bounty Program

    Coons in Iowa are way out of control. Hopefully open season will be approved soon.
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    Pheasant Fest

    I would go if it wasn't in MPLS. No offense to the city. We just don't like going to big cities anymore.