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    Eastern Oregon Upland Game Forecast for this Season

    Nice info report. Thanks. SKOL
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    Oak ridge kennel

    Is that not Tom Dokkens place?
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    Eastern Oregon Trip #2

    Good to see a report from Oregon. Thanks
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    East/North East Oregon

    Very nice. She looks like a happy girl. My trip to MN was mostly family doings. Wet the line one day and caught sunnies. They sure ate good.
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    East/North East Oregon

    Very cool. Have not looked here for a long time, and thanks for replying. Nice pics. First part of Oct. driving to MN. Visit family and old friends. Fish and hunt birds on the way back. Have contacts in MN, ND, MT and ID. Last stop Oregon. Moved down from AK, live in Grants Pass. Lack of rain...
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    Are there any upland bird hunters that visit this site? Sure would be nice to see some orgonians on here. Portland is a pure sh****le. Trump 2020. SKOL
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    In country again....

    Must have been a 20#bird.o_O
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    Anybody going out after this weather system moves through?
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    East/North East Oregon

    Anybody hunting this part of the state. Thinking about heading that way next month. Maybe fish the Brownlee Resivor while there. Can you rent boats up in that area? Thanks for any info.
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    Incoming storm

    With this storm rolling in from MT and WY those poor birds are going to take a hit. Big snow and wind. Not good. Say your prayers.:10sign. :( :(
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    Collard Doves

    Being new to the state, what area of the state would a person find Eurasian collard dove. What kind of habitat do they like? Thanks for looking and any reply. We are in the rogue valley.
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    2019 pheasant survey

    Has anyone seen this years bird count? Does oregon fish & game do a spring hatch survey?