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    RE: Started pup needs home

    RE: Started pup needs home Folks, gettiing ready to deploy overseas and am looking for a good hunting home for my pup, this is an unannounced trip and need a good home for him, he is year old and has been hunted this past year and did well for a pup, he holds nice on quail had a good learning...
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    RE: Moving to Texas

    RE: Moving to Texas Trying to find out around Austin area, a few things. 1 How is the quail hunting down there. 2 Any dog trainers that you would send your dog too. 3 Any NAVHDA guys in that area 4 Local Gun clubs that don't cost $5,000 to join. Thanks Kevin
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    RE: Hello to All

    RE: Hello to All Hey folks just got back from the box and have had little to no success with the birds. My pup has missed a year and we have been dying to get out and hunt. Problem is, Do not know where to go for some good bird hunting andy sugestions for someone who missed out last year.