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  1. Drew

    Steoger 3020 upland

    I have yet to shoot a Stoeger that I liked. I used a friends for 1/2 a day and it felt like swinging a 2x4. Hopefully this is better than what I experienced.
  2. Drew

    How often do you hunt pheasants?

    I just realized that some of you folks are retired. Otherwise you are calling in sick a lot.
  3. Drew

    How often do you hunt pheasants?

    All told, I hunt 3-5 days for grouse, 6-10 days for chukar, 12-16 days for quail and pheasant. I would love to hunt more but my job gets in the way.
  4. Drew

    Governor Noem writes about her hunting dog

    I should stop, but……… I never said ignore the world’s problems, or bury your head in the sand. I have dear friends on both sides of politics and I respect them all as well as their stances on issues. I just don’t want to spend my spare time talking about things (issues/politics) that are...
  5. Drew

    Governor Noem writes about her hunting dog

    I sincerely wish that folks would leave politics out of discussions like this. I was raised in a very rural community and my family were farmers in Iowa. You see a lot of death for a lot of reasons, some of them justified and some of them not. As a result, perhaps I am hardened to the act of...
  6. Drew


    I am trying to locate some ammo for it right now. It is a pretty cool gun.
  7. Drew


    A good friend of mine was moving into a retirement home and selling his house and many possessions and asked me to come over to see if there was anything I wanted. He had some 12 gauge ammo that was purchased in the 1960's, several gun cleaning kits that he wanted to give me and the he pulled...
  8. Drew

    Dog Breed Popularity

    I hunt with a guy who runs a Golden. It's the first time I've ever seen one in the field. It is a solid hunting dog. Oddly enough, it's never hunted waterfowl. Only chukar, pheasants, quail and grouse. It is equally talented on any of those birds and in all habitats. It does have a really...
  9. Drew

    protection while hunting

    I'm still trying to find the right hearing protection. In my Army days, I dealt with explosives pretty much all the time and am trying to minimize any additional hearing loss. I have tried Walker Ear electronic hearing protection and I don't like the background noise that you get when it's...
  10. Drew

    Quick vote

    Thanks Birdman. It wasn't my intention to rub it in at all. I truly lose sight of the value of where I live and the opportunities that it provides.
  11. Drew

    Quick vote

    You guys are making me feel much better about living in the west. There are always a few chukar within an hour of the house and lots of public land and solitude.
  12. Drew

    Why I love labs

    At least Goose seems to have a good sense of humor.
  13. Drew

    New rule regarding versatile

    Do we really need rules to discuss dog preferences?
  14. Drew

    I bought a Stevens 12 gauge 560 Semi-Auto

    I wanted to have a back up gun for multi day trips and purchased a Stevens 560 12 gauge to suit that need. I was able to get one out and shoot some skeet with it prior to purchasing it and it is light, sleek, easy to load, easy to unload and shoots straight for me. So I am now an owner and I...
  15. Drew

    Lab guys sorry but....

    As a historic Lab guy who made the move to a pointing dog, I still hunt with folks who own Labs and one of the guys that I hunt with even has a Golden Retriever. I love Labs as well. I bought a pointer when my lungs and legs wouldn't enable me to keep pace with my Lab!
  16. Drew

    Gucci Time

    The way I hunt and how many folks are involved depends on what the cover demands. I go to Oregon with 3 friends. We hunt chukar expansive country that everyone goes their own direction in the morning and we might meet up at lunch.....maybe. We also hunt wooded draws with cattails in the...
  17. Drew

    Why I love labs

    I have seen some incredible Lab retrieves that I believe would kill the Griffon that I have now. I once watched my Dad's Lab retrieve a wounded pheasant across the entire width of the Snake River (Swan Falls Idaho) which had to be a mile wide. I also watched the same dog retrieve a duck from...
  18. Drew

    Which Barrel First For Over/Under

    I always had two chokes in my over under and always pulled the bottom barrel first. I had the bottom barrel with the skeet or improved and the top barrel with a modified or full. I'm not sure it made a difference but it made me feel better.