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  1. IDPheasantKiller

    Trip Report

    Well, I just returned home from my annual 10-day eastern South Dakota road trip. The pheasant numbers in Clark and Spink counties were defenitly down form previous years IMO. I would venture to say 60-70% less birds than we normally see, however, the weather was not favorable either. I ended...
  2. IDPheasantKiller


    I have been making an annual trek to South Dakota every fall (guess I should say early winter) but was thinking about making a second earlier trip to do a combination pheasant sharptail hunt. I would appreciate any advice that you might have. I would be interested in hunting Montana, North...
  3. IDPheasantKiller

    Greetings from North Idaho

    Hi all. I have viewed most of the threads and am impressed at the involvement...I will do my best to contribute as well. I am a die-hard pheasant hunter and part time fish biologist here in Idaho. When I'm not wast deep in a stream I am putting thousands of miles on my truck chasing birds in...