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    Honest question!!!!

    Longer ago than that actually...Before I was old enough to hunt in the 70's and early 80's...I remember my uncles coming back home to SD complaining that they only got 10 days for their very expensive licenses. Aaaaaand that was all in one shot. Then sometime in the 90's you could break it up...
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    Browning 20ga A5

    Just an observation...but the Benelli ultralight 20 ga. weighed about 5 lbs 4 oz. It was introduced in about 2008 (I think). I owned one. This new Browning 20 is listed at 5 lbs 11 oz. Funny thing is the 16 ga. lists at only 1.0 oz heavier. Had one of those as well and sold it to a guy I used...
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    Honest question!!!!

    I lived in Iowa for over 20 years fresh out of college. Every year I waited for those 'roadside counts' to come out. They can paint a picture but only part of it. I killed a lot of birds in areas that the 'counts' pretty much proclaimed the ringneck to be extinct. That was fine with me. If I got...
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    More rain! Widespread!

    Ummmmm...pheasants are not row crops. Getting some rain at this point doesn't mean a new crop of "pheasant sprouts". The rain was needed over a month ago for nesting birds. The rain will help the farmers...not necessarily the bird hatch/production. I've seen some very wet October's...the...
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    Bumping birds at dusk?

    After college I moved from SD to new Iowa hunting buddies couldn't believe we hunted those poor birds on the roost up to sunset. We must certainly be monsters hunting those poor birds in the dim light. THE TRUTH...In South Dakota you can about about set your watch by the roosters...
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    Pheasant update

    Iowa...I was born/raised in SD, but after college I moved to Iowa for quite a few years. Then career allowed me to return home to SD. Iowa got killed in the early 2000's by all the CRP coming out and a number of hard winters. Before that I killed my 3 birds a day as easily in Iowa as SD...
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    Single shot guns?

    My first shotgun was a bolt action 20 ga. When I showed it to a few of my friends later on in college one of them dubbed it the "M1 20 ga". So...I was essentially saddled with a single shot as a young hunter. I killed some birds with it...and still have it. But when I was able to upgrade...
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    New Montefeltro

    I've owned both 12 and 20 'Monty's'...never an issue. The basics of this gun are solid and have been for countless years. Just different lingerie on essentially the same pretty lady.
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    Pheasant update

    OK...During the spring I fish a lot of smaller lakes north of I-90 here in SD. The road time is usually met with a good number of roosters in full spring plumage. I'm seeing NUTHIN'...a week ago I made a trip from my house in Tea, SD to Watertown SD...bought a gun from a guy up there and...
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    Yes...that's what they say. Not sure that's possible. It takes a trim (all steel) 12 ga. double to tip the scales at less than 6.5lbs. If it is a 16 on a 12 ga. frame, then the chamber wall thickness has to actually increase to fit the 12 ga. frame. I owned a F.A.I.R. Rizzini in 16 that I bought...
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    Where are you located. There is a dealer in the Twin Cites and one south on I-35. Are you in this area?
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    F.a.i.r Iside

    What is the actual weight on that 16 ga. I've held one at a dealer up in the Twin Cities last month...I wasn't sure the Iside was on a true 16 ga. frame...seemed a bit heavy. Would love to hear from someone that owns one. The dealer I visited wouldn't weigh it.
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    South Dakota Guide

    Look...not trying to fight with you. Wait...wait...wait...I said that wrong....lets start over. Look...I couldn't care less about the incessant 'yammerings' that compose your reply above. that I got that right. South Dakota does counts each year. Several...including brood counts...
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    Remington premiere O/U 12 gauge

    Not sure some of the Rem. offerings were also out of F.A.I.R. Rizzini manufacturing. Owned several Rizzini's...I'll review some of my references.
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    South Dakota Guide

    South Dakota "guides" are a mixed bunch at best. Over on FB @ 'Pheasant Hunting Unlimited' some outfitters are plastering picturesque images of tons of birds here in SD. Hunters draped in hauling straps full of birds. One guy is simply PIMPING his fool butt off to get people to send deposits...
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    SD question

    both hands and both feet!
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    Ive got a bunch of lead #2’s….

    They do...but not for us. Ironically both Win. and Federal make lead magnums (2's and BB's) for sale in Australia. They use for fox/other predators and for I've read.
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    Hevi-Hammer Upland load

    What this load is trying to do is make their customers forget the product below that actually had 'hevi-shot'. Previously it was a duplex offering of steel and hevishot. This was a cult favorite for a lot of guys I knew for years. They bought it by the case. I've never had a lot of use for...
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    Ive got a bunch of lead #2’s….

    They were great hulls...when they were going out I bought up a ton (more than I'll ever need) from BP. Between 12, 16, and 20 ga hulls I probably have about 2000 hulls. At least 1000 in 16 ga. alone. I never wanted to run out. Now in my 50's...might be buried with them. Aspirations of a younger...
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    Benelli 828 U

    Shot one once at a game fair a couple years ago. Thought enough about it...not to ever think about it again. I've own 'B' guns, SKB's, and Rizzini O/U's. I have good things to say about all of them. They each have their strengths. On this Benelli O/U attempt, first thing I noticed was the...