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    A sucessful hunt on private land

    Perfect weather a good hunting!
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    Strike Out on WPA

    It's funny but some of the basin sloughs are productive and others are not.
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    Brood counts

    It’s a government agency. Less hunters their job is in jeopardy. I think it’s crap they aren’t doing surveys. Keep raising the license fees for out of staters like they have been. I’ve started hunting Iowa and found its better than I expected. I’m from Omaha.
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    This is BS

    Posted by South Dakota game and Parks. I’ll just hunt Iowa. In addition to the adoption of the marketing plan, GFP will discontinue the annual brood count survey conducted annually in August. A major concern is that, when pheasant brood numbers are down, those reported numbers deter both...
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    Could hemp be a good cover crop for pheasants?

    Since it will be legal to grow hemp could it be a good habitat for pheasants during hatching season. It’s hard to tell if any farmers will grow hemp although they could usesome alternate to corn and beans.
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    How’s upland hunting in Mankato KS area

    I’ve hunted the area near Mankato a number of years ago. How’s the hunting in that area for quail and pheasant?
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    Pheasant hunting Harrison county north and west Missouri Valley

    Lots of IHAP acres north and west of mo valley. Cover looks thick. Anybody ever hunt this area?
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    GoPro photo shows wad or shot when shooting pheasnt

    See photo that is attached.
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    Nebraska Eastern Grouse

    Went out opening day. 2 young grouse in 1.5 hours. Just me ans my dog.
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    2015 nebraska pheasant forcast

    Pheasant numbers are up across the state. Check out the link.
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    2015 pheasant survey results

    Pheasant numbers are up statewide in NE. Check uo this link.
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    Why can't Nebraskans do something like this?
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    Why can't Nebraska do something like this?