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    UGUIDE YTD results

    The way he is calculating his averages insulates the poor performance of his pheasant camp and other low averaging camps
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    Huron, SD

    Hunted the area many times. That area gets hammered on public. If I were you I’d plan on hitting public areas a ways away. That is what my group did. For better opportunities try and find so private at least for a day
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    Sun Setting on My Hunting Career

    I'll be 75 in December. Because of my age and copd I have had to give up pheasant hunting. I am duck hunting now with my family. Much easier. Maybe I'll go pheasant hunting one more time to drive the truck and block. We'll see.
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    BB did yout see the season results for Uguide this season. Pitfall
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    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

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    Possession Limit

    Ok holy man. I suggest you keep your negative opinions about our members to yourself. This forum is for information and camaraderie. People like you ruin great forums
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    Possession Limit

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    Possession Limit

    First you guys run off Uguide for having a different opinion on drought than the popular view than you have the nerve to call benelli banger a poacher. Shame on you. You run off members that bring the best info to the forum. Undoubtedly you would never say these things face to face you cowards
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    Just got back from Saskatchewan on a 3 day hunt. First 2 days highs in the 70s third day 85. Dry as a bone. 3 of us shot 120 consisting on ducks canada snow geese as well as about 15 sandhills. Unbelievable trip of a lifetime
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    It's very hard for me to get away for 3 days. 10 would be impossible
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    Headed to Saskatchewan Wednesday for a 3 day waterfowl trip. A trip of a lifetime
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    Bird cleaning in Mitchell

    We like The Depot
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    Im going to try posting again bear pics

    Really nice Thanks
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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    Sdgf doesn't have anything to say about it
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    SD Public Land Poll

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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    Sorry I thought I read on SD gfp 30 routes.
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    Benelli Banger I need help with the cost of taking the road survey. I never was a math major. Evidently it cost $700000. They have 30 routes which I read somewhere they run each route 4 times. They use the highest count per route for the survey. If that is right 30 routes times 4 times equal...
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    Habitat stamp Required

    Great post
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    Habitat stamp Required

    My group of 14 (including the kids) are commited to our annual trip to Sd. All of you resident hunters will be proud to learn that after 25 consecutive years of our family trip this will be our last. When you add the cost of a license and the $25 whatever stamp brings it to $154. The trespass...
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    Pilot program

    I don't think anyone has the right to trespass on another persons property sign or no sign. When I was a kid I hunted anywhere I pleased. I had no ethics. Now I only hunt where I have permission which usually means a fee