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  1. Quailnerd

    Remote bird launchers

    I have 4 Dogtra launchers, no issues. Launchers in general can create issues with poor flying birds in my opinion but not your question
  2. Quailnerd

    Great Season Brewing

    That’s great news, we got our lodging locked up and ready to go. I have to admit last year we had more fun chasing sharpies and chickens than Mr rooster…. Those rolling grasslands stole my heart
  3. Quailnerd

    Water in the field... Got one last year, I like it!
  4. Quailnerd

    Feeding Time

    Same here, I feed once a day year round in the evening with water in the kibble. Good tip on the honey, I snag a few packets from the condiment section of a restaurant for easy packing. I got caught too far from the truck this year on a day that turned hot, dog started to loose balance and...
  5. Quailnerd

    Off limits period and leash question

    It’s never crossed my mind where we go, but I understand every place is different…. 10 more days and I’ll be there rod in hand!
  6. Quailnerd

    Off limits period and leash question

    Good grief… exploring a wilderness area with a leash sounds like going to the city park. Where’s a guy suppose to run his dog?
  7. Quailnerd

    lemme see the dog boxes and homemade dog box trailers

    Here’s my old setup, I’m currently building a new set after I added a small overland fridge.. send you a new pic in a few weeks
  8. Quailnerd

    Pointing to far/ not moving in on running birds.

    Work the dog in on some launcher birds this summer down wind, which should create some up close points. Check for a flinch or avoidance when birds are flushed, if not you have an out of the box steady dog which is what people spend thousands of dollar to accomplish. You can work in a release...
  9. Quailnerd

    Lab guys sorry but....

    I agree that a covey point from 150 yards and hold till shot is really hard to accomplish, honestly it’s rare. But in my eyes especially in a tough year that’s a covey I would have never found, and if they split on the flush it’s game on.
  10. Quailnerd

    Lab guys sorry but....

    If your pointing dog is truly steady it’s fantastic.. I would say hundreds of yards side to side is better than hundreds ahead!
  11. Quailnerd

    Lab guys sorry but....

    The thrill with pointing dogs for me is when they take a huge swing and pin down a bird that I would have never known was there in the first place. Huge advantage when hunting marginal ground or large tracts.
  12. Quailnerd

    Gucci Time

    Death march takes the need for good dogs out of the equation, I would rather hunt with 20 dogs than 20 people!
  13. Quailnerd

    Preferred 20 Gauge Shell

    3 inch in a super light weight ou takes the fun out of shooting a light weight gun
  14. Quailnerd

    Preferred 20 Gauge Shell

    That Winchester load is my preferred round for the last few years, it’s just right. Mater of fact I’ve got 2 more cases in the mail as we speak. Works well in my ou and an old a5, also bought a half case in #5 for sd last year and they worked great. Plus they have been easy to find last...
  15. Quailnerd

    Lead shot ban (DFL introduced bills) opposed by MN State HS Clay Target League

    No way a lead ban would make me stop hunting, out of the question. All I hope for are practical decisions made in the future to phase it out as replacement options become available in mass and at a reasonable price point. My fear is that the laws passed will force the change on a moments notice...
  16. Quailnerd

    Gsp breeder

    Thanks for all the info, I’ve passed it on and it’s out of my hands now.
  17. Quailnerd

    Gsp breeder

    You can get a pointer about every five miles down here, that’s about it!
  18. Quailnerd

    Gsp breeder

    Amarillo Tx, we are 500 miles to everything. I na tested my last 2 dogs at the Zia chapter in nm.
  19. Quailnerd

    Gsp breeder

    Male pup
  20. Quailnerd

    Gsp breeder

    I like stand stone as well, they make some great videos.