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    Late season

    Anyone planning on hunting the late season here in Michigan? I know birds are few and far between but I'm planning on taking the pup for a few more hunts before the season ends. Need to burn off some the Thanksgiving calories. Scott
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    What do you use?

    I've been running my 11 month old lab on some public ground birds lately and the area under his eyes has become raw/bloody. I've had labs in the past and this happened before. Doesn't seem to affect him in anyway and he doesn't want to stop hunting. I put some EMT gel on the area and after a...
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    You can feel it in the air

    The past couple mornings, the coolness of the air definately has me thinking of pheasant hunting. Did alot of fishing this summer, walleyes on Saginaw bay and salmon in Frankfort. But after the last couple mornings, it's time to get the boat cleaned up and put away. I have a new dog...
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    Force fetch training

    I have a 7 month old lab that I have started force fetch training. This is my first dog that I have done this with. I had several other labs but none of them had any force fetch training. The dvds and books that I've purchased all have the same basic principles as far as training is...
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    How well did the birds hold up this winter

    Just wondering how well the birds held up this winter. I know from watching the weather, the Dakotas had a very cold, snowy winter. Here in Michigan we had plenty of snow and cold but nothing like the sub-zero temps that you experienced. It looks like we are in for a break in the weather...
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    PC transfer from Michigan

    Hello all, My name is Scott, I live in the Midland area and have been hunting pheasants in the mid-michigan area for the past 25 years. Made my first trip to South Dakota last year and had a great time. My boys and I went out there twice this year and plan on a couple trips next...