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  1. roadscholar

    ND - End Of January 2024

    Great news, hope the rest of the winter stays mild!
  2. roadscholar

    Overall season bird numbers

    I didn't spend as much time in SD as I usually do.....2 trips instead of the usual 3. But from what I saw, numbers were up. Not sure how much, but it was noticeable. Spent some time in a totally new area to me, but I did also spend some days in the exact same area that I've been hunting for...
  3. roadscholar

    Public land newbie

    Wise words. Emphasis on the "ignore Goose" part.
  4. roadscholar

    Kind of public land?

    Yeah I agree, this time of year WPA/GPA are the best bet. Some of the shelterbelts on GPA's can be loaded at this point, especially since quite a few of them sit right next to food plots.
  5. roadscholar

    Kind of public land?

    Yes, but I'll add that some of my favorite CREP spots have pretty big areas of cattails, and at this point in the season I'd only be hitting the cattails. There are definitely a bunch of CREP spots that are all or mostly grass, and are great early and mid-season, but are pretty much out of...
  6. roadscholar

    Kind of public land?

    In years where there is no emergency haying/grazing, I prefer CREP spots, and by a pretty big margin. I've also done well on WPA's and GPA's. I do like the fact that almost all GPA's have food plots on them.
  7. roadscholar

    What choke is in your gun?

    For wild pheasant, I keep the Trulock Light Mod choke in all season long in my new-style Sweet 16. If I'm carrying my 16ga 1100, I'll use the Mod barrel (original barrel is IC, which I use for quail) If I'm carrying an O/U, it's IC/Mod all the time.
  8. roadscholar

    End of season reflections…

    I had a great season, best ever for sure. It was my pup's 2nd season and the improvement from the 1st season was substantial. (and season 1 was really good) Watching a young dog figure things out and improve is something to see. Two trips to ND, two to SD, and four to New Mexico for quail...
  9. roadscholar

    2023 Season Pictures of Birds, Guns And Dogs

    Wow!!!! Well done, Zew!!! :D
  10. roadscholar

    Basheiri&Pellagri ammo

    My favorite brand of shell. Quality stuff for sure.
  11. roadscholar

    Anybody hunt the Wing ND area

    Sent you a PM
  12. roadscholar

    Anybody hunt the Wing ND area

    Amen to that, wish I was still there.
  13. roadscholar

    Anybody hunt the Wing ND area

    Both trips were outstanding. First trip was 2 weeks, starting with the sharptail & hun opener. Hadn't really planned on taking a 2nd trip, but during the first trip we saw so many pheasant while hunting sharpies and huns that we decided to add the 2nd trip. That trip was a little over a week...
  14. roadscholar

    16ga ammo sale

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'm stocked up on 16ga pheasant loads for at least several years. But that's a heck of a deal for someone needing 16ga phez shells.
  15. roadscholar

    Anybody hunt the Wing ND area

    I hear you about avoiding the pressured areas, I try to do the same. I've been going to ND for the past 4 years and for the most part I've been able to stay away from the crowds both in the NW and SW. Good luck on your 2nd trip and let us know how it goes. I would love to take one more trip...
  16. roadscholar

    Anybody hunt the Wing ND area

    I've hunted that general area for sharpies and huns. Haven't spent a lot of time there, more like a day here and there, while passing through to other areas in '20-'22. Saw good numbers of pheasant. Didn't hunt that area this year, even though I passed through several times in Sept and Oct...
  17. roadscholar

    28 guage

    My 1st-choice gun for Sept sharpies & huns is a 28ga o/u. It had the IC/Mod choke tubes in it when I got it, and I haven't taken them out, and probably won't. Haven't hunted pheasant with it yet, but I do intend to at some point because I shoot it better than pretty much all my other guns...
  18. roadscholar

    State land vs federal/wia/crep

    I really like hunting GPA's in SD. They're usually a good mix of grass cover, wetlands/cattails, shelterbelts, and the vast majority that I've hunted have food plots. I've probably hunted between 15 or so GPA's, generally in the SE part of the state. In the area I hunt, there are way more CREP...
  19. roadscholar

    Bismuth #3 shot

    Yeah that's exactly what I'd do too, just use the tighter DS chokes until the Trulocks arrive.
  20. roadscholar

    Bismuth #3 shot

    I haven't measured the Browning invector DS chokes that came with my new-style Sweet 16 that I bought in 2017, but I have patterned them and they are way more open than how they're marked. I would say my DS mod choke is approximately skeet, which I suppose would make the IC basically a Cylinder...