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    Dillon area?

    Thanks to all for the pm’s.
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    Grouse Reports?

    Anyone been out for grouse or Huns? Gonna be out in week or two. May hunt Pierre area first, then up to Lemmon/Grand River a couple weeks later. Only hunted Grand River grasslands once years ago, so thought I'd try that area again. Thanks
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    Hunting Grand River Grasslands

    Hey guys. Buddy wants to go over and hunt Grand River for sharpies and huns this coming season. He's thinking either week of Oct 23rd, or week of Thanksgiving. We both have houses in Spink county East River, so maybe 4-5 hour drive from our place there. Only thinking of later dates due to...
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    Huns this year?

    Are y'all seeing (or hearing of ) good populations of Huns this year? Gonna try to come out from SD to hunt huns in MT first week or two of Oct and trying to get info on what things are looking like. Was going over toward Butte, but can really go anywhere to increase odds of a good hunt...
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    Zone 3 reports?

    Anybody heard any reports on huns/sharpies in Zone 3 so far? Got a chance to go to Butte in couple weeks and was gonna try to hunt there to Bozeman. Will check out BLM maps and other public areas within an hour or so from Butte. Always hunted Zone 6 mostly so not familiar with Zone 3 but always...
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    Rivers West Pointer Vest Question

    Looking at this vest for 42lb shorthair. Website says chest measurement is foremost. My dog would be medium size using chest measurement but small in neck size & weight. Anyone know if these vests run small or big and how you like them for cold/snow? Thanks, Tony
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    Browning Ultra Sporting Clays Gun

    12ga Browning Ultra Sporter over/under. 30" ported barrels, backbored, lenghtened forcing cones, adjustable trigger, schnabel forend, leather covered recoil pad. Many extras including Browning hard case, 2 extra triggers, extra sights including set of 8 fiber optics. 3 factory chokes plus full...
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    DT Systems Remote Bird Launcher

    Found a new in box BL509 remote bird launcher in my shop when I cleaned it out. I had several of these and guess this one got put in with stuff when we moved a while back. This is quiet release natural flush launcher with 700 yard range. It is for quail/pigeons. Easy load and can program up to...
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    Grouse Reports?

    Anybody got any news on grouse reports in SD? Gonna try to go next week but haven't heard any reports lately. Also has anybody ever grouse hunted up in Hecla/Britton area? That would be about same drive for me as Ft Pierre. Heard there used to be good numbers of grouse up there. Thanks,
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    GWP for adoption

    See SD forum
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    GWP for adoption

    Was at Sioux Falls Humane Society yesterday and saw a really nice GWP they took in. Someone found it and kept it for a while, but could not keep it. Other dogs all going nuts when I walked through, but she was calm. 2 year old female. I asked to take her out for a walk, and she seemed very bold...
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    Moving to Redfield, SD area

    New to board, hello to everyone. I will be moving to Frankfort community outside Redfield next month. Retired and bought a house there to spend part of year up there. I guided quail hunts and worked dogs on Georgia plantations for many years, living in Pensacola, Florida now near grandkids. Down...