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    Hello from SE NM

    I have guided deer and elk hunters in Carbon County Wyoming north of Rawlings. I can’t recall ever seeing any Chukar or Huns there but I wouldn’t say I’ve been in great habitat for them. I have hunted in NE Oregon and SE Washington and had good hunting some years. I’ve actually found Chukar...
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    Where to go in December?

    Finally someone with some common sense. I’ve lived in Montana and had great hunting for wild pheasants. I’ve lived in New Jersey that I’m not sure has any wild pheasants but but could still pheasant hunt because of pen raised birds. I enjoyed hunting both states with my Shorthairs. If you have...
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    Late season success

    A wild cock pheasant in Ohio is a trophy. Good for you for knowing one was more than enough.
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    Fitting a shotgun

    Like you I’m 6’3” with long arms. That was an advantage playing basketball, but I was 50 before I realized what a fitted gun would do for my shooting. Wish I would have done it years before.
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    Getting Ready for a Chilly Third Trip to Eastern Oregon

    I lived in both Montana and Oregon for several years and the bird hunting was much better in Oregon. To be honest there really was no comparison for me.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    That’s a nice report. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

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    Eastern Oregon Trip #2

    I lived in Bend for several years and would make the trip east several times during the season. The only place I’ve had quail hunting as good was West Texas on private land in a wet year.
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    Dakota trip

    I’m kind surprised you made it home with that car.😁
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    South Dakota Trespass Fee Connections?

    I’ve had luck just getting out and talking with people in the area. One spot I have was from a lead from an Implement Dealer. I have another spot from a mechanic changing the oil in my truck. If you’re in a service organization at home (Kiwanis, VFW, Elks), look those organizations up in the...
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    Thanksgiving Week Hunting

    According to everything I've heard, this week was to be the last week of pheasant releases on the east side of the state. Since I didn't have anything better to do and, the wild birds have been few and far between (at least close to Spokane) I hunted every chance I could. This year so far the...
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    Wet opening day hunt,

    Opening day of the 2010 season was a wet one here in Eastern Washington. Fortunately for me and my hunting buddy/ best friend it was a short hunt. Every year on opening day we hunt some '' state birds '', we feel that there is no need in educating our wild birds on the 1st day when we can hunt...