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  1. waggs

    Garmin acquires Tri-Tronics

    Hope this turns out to be a good thing.
  2. waggs

    Grass Eating!!

    I don't know why they do it and the truth is I really don't care. But!! My issue is-- Here is the every 3 or 4 day ritual that seems to be the norm around my 2 water heads. Let them out. They run around the property looking over and smelling every thing. Twice. Then they head over to any...
  3. waggs

    I gotta switch dog food.

    I gotta switch dog food. :mad: Pro Plan performance is what I have been feeding. I hate switching food, Have tried a few times in the past to save money. Always wound up back with Purina but now I gotta switch.:( Just bought a bag of Innova to see how they do on that. I'm open to suggestions.
  4. waggs

    Did Purina Pro Plan change something?

    Been feeding Pro Plan performance for a while now but the last few bags the dogs have had some stool issues. Nothing bad, but a little too soft. Think I'm going to have to change brands. Just wondering if they have changed something?
  5. waggs

    Garmin Astro --Should I get one?

    Been shying away from them because I have read way to many posts on problems with them but now they have a new model out with the DC40. They claim they have solved some problems but I'm still leery. So lets here it, The good, the bad and the ugly.
  6. waggs

    Meet the new stealth hunter

    It's another rescue in the house. Female, about a year old, same old story with her. too much energy and previous owners couldn't control her. I have had her about 3 weeks now. She is a little head strong but not bad. Already doing real well on heel and whoa.
  7. waggs

    Strange trail cam picture.
  8. waggs

    What would you do?

    Ordered a upland vest from a certain online company-- that doesn't like pretty dogs. They have the same vest in 2 options, Upland and camo. I ordered the upland version and they sent me the camo. :confused: Sent it back per insructions and with a little note and a picture out of the catalouge...
  9. waggs

    Hevi-shot ?

    Is Hevi-shot non toxic. Salesmen sold me a box and said it was, but it doesnt say so on the box.
  10. waggs

    Light o/u ?

    In the market for a o/u. I puchased a Franchi 48 al 20 gauge auto a few years back and it has become my go too gun since. The franchi weighs in at about 5 1/2 ponds, so now I'm lookin for a o/u that would be close in the same weight category. Would like stay with a 12 or 20 gauge, but would...
  11. waggs

    Solo hunting advice.

    What kind of tips have you got for the solo hunter with a dog.
  12. waggs

    New guy from Michigan

    Hello, name is Don. Been lurking here for a few days now. Looks like a friendly place with some good people so I decided to join up. Been upland hunting for about four years now. It all started with a 5 yr old trained gsp I rescued from a high kill shelter. Unfotunetly that dog died a year...