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    Paintings of Hunting Dogs

    I stumbled arcross this site earlier today. This gentleman does some very nice work.
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    Interesting WX Graphic

    Nice graphic from our friends over at the NWS.
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    Owning land and/or living next to WIHA?

    I was hunting this past weekend and passed a WIHA that was located directly across from an occupied home along a paved, two lane road. The WIHA had a fence, but also had the red no shooting signs paralleling the fence next to the road. I understand establishing a buffer for safety, but this...
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    Hotels that accept dogs

    My original post was asking for suggestions to a decent hotel that accepted dogs in SW KS, but got it taken care of. Thanks, R.
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    What's for dinner??

    FYI- Whatâ??s for dinner in the Rhodi householdâ?¦? Poblano peppers stuffed with: Ground venison (100%) Brown Rice Black Beans Tomato Chipotle Pepper Sauce Salmon smoked on a cedar plank with mustard, honey, and dill. Yes, it was good.
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    Got my limit today...

    on trash!!! Decided to get in one last quail hunt before the season closes tomorrow. Birds weren't biting so the dog and I decided to pick up the garbage around a parking area. This is from one small parking area on public hunting ground in about 15 minutes. I'm guilty of leaving empty...
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    Compact Camera For Hunting Trips

    I noticed that Canon just released a new compact camera, the PowerShot SX210 IS. Looks like a pretty descent compact with a 14x optical zoom, and it's not too bulky.
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    4U Meat & Cheese Lovers

    Superbowl food Venison cooked on a cedar plank w/blue chiz. Looks like a pile of something:confused:, but it sure does taste good:)
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    My legs are spent...

    after walking all over this looking for quail today. Did manage to pick up four after about a two hour hunt. Missed a perfect photo op of a covey sitting right under a fence that was the dividing line between hunt/no-hunt. And of course, they flushed to the no hunt side. No big news, just...
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    Road Conditions - Morton and Stevens Counties

    If anybody has been in the area; curious as to what the road conditions are like.
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    Cool Ass Picture

    Cool A$$ Picture Found myself with a little time on my hands today, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to see what the roads were like, and to see what I could spot. I know, it's lame, but a million titles went through my head when I saw this.
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    In the snow with the pups

    A little fun in the snow with the dogs this morning. Btw, in keeping with the spirit of the forum, the reason the dogs had their heads in the snow was because I had shoved some pheasant tail feathers in a snow drift in the backyard.
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    Danner Pronghorn GTX (All Leather Upper)

    Anbody owned a pair of these? If so, how did you like them? Thanks Okay, I guess I should have done a site search and found out the answer to this question. Don't know if this was posted anywhere, but when on the Danner site, type in keyword "USA" and it will pull up all of their US made...
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    Window Shopping

    Poor guy was going nuts trying to figure out how he could get out of the house.
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    New Guy from TX Panhandle

    Hello to all! Iâ??ve been lurking on the site for a while and decided that I should become a member. Thanks to all of you for providing a wealth of information. As I am writing this, I notice a dump truck pulling into my drive and pulling around the back of my house. The guy was here to...