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    Shotgun without rib

    Got my eye on a sweet 16 with no rib. Would that be a mistake.
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    Sweet 16 Japan or Belgium made

    I've been looking at Sweet 16s on different sites. Can you shoot steel out of a newer one made in Japan? If they ever outlawed lead, would a Belgium made A5 be difficult to find shells for. Would you be forced to buy non-tox alloy shells at $30 a box if the law changed. If I find one, I want to...
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    Finally pulled the trigger

    After stressing about a new A5 or a new Citori 725 12ga. I'm picking up my new gun in the morning. Browning Citori White Lightning 16ga with oil finish and 28s. New in the box with the plastic on. Boy, am I pumped! Thanks for all the advice I got from this forum. $1750, but I don't care right...
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    Couldn't pull the trigger

    I was in the process of writing the check for a new A-5 and just couldn't do it. I already have a Benelli M2, and the new A-5 has almost the same action, and do I really need two autoloaders? What I really want is a Citori White Lightning 16 gauge OU. Can anyone tell me the difference between...
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    Which A5?

    I need a little help with this life altering decision. I had my heart set on a Citori 725, but after shouldering a new A5 I am sold on the way it throws up and fits me, and I really like autoloaders. Here's the deal. My neighbor to the east has a mint Belgium made A5, 60s vintage I think, 28 in...