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    Garmin Pro 550 Plus

    I got my new 550 plus a few days ago, been playing around with it on the dog a little, for the guys that like the pro 550 this is a wonderful option with a little piece of mind that the Alpha gives. It doesn’t have 1/2 the features of the Alpha but it does have a N pointing compass, a indicator...
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    Performance Shop Cordoba

    I picked up my new cordoba a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to pattern it yet, does anyone know if the chokes on a back bored gun are pattern differently, like is a LM more like skeet in a standard barrel?
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    Cordoba or Sport 2 shooters?

    is anybody on here shooting or shot either of these guns in 12 ga.? None of the stores by me have either to hold, one place did have a performance shop cordoba in 20ga but it's got smaller features. Any info on the sport 2, nobody at these stores seem to know what I'm talking about or they say...
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    Does anyone have recommendations on roading speed and distance to start and where is a good place to end or maintain.
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    Stud service questions

    I had a guy that uses his dog for guiding hunters watch my dog work, after he approached me and asked how much I'd charge for a stud fee. I had full intentions of studding him out if everything came together as he got older, so this is exactly what I eventually wanted, BUT..... How do you go...
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    Let the season begin

    Good luck everyone, 40 minutes!
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    Benelli shotgun

    Wondering if anyone has any experience or info on the Benelli Ultralight, we currently have two SBEII's and a montefeltro sporting which I love all of them but the montefeltro has the high rib(which I love) ported barrel, from what I understand you can't shoot all types of wads through the...
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    Who won?

    Anybody know who won or what happened with the photo of the year contest?
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    Crazy birds

    Has anybody else seen this before with wild grouse? My uncle had a grouse that would walk behind his atv when he'd drive through his wood about 10 years ago.....BS I said Another uncle said he had one that would sit on his atv about 6 years ago.....I've heard of it once before..... Then a friend...
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    South Dakota

    Laying in bed and all I can see is pheasants flushing, crazy out here.... Can't believe how many birds are out here, going to be hard to hunt around home after this. Two days down, two left...75 roosters in two days for our group I can see how people think they have good dogs if they only hunt...
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    Went out tonight, farmers are taking down corn in almost every section on my way to a public hunting area. We watched pheasants and deer run/fly out in front of the combine and go right back in, kind of cool to watch but they kept getting further away from the public fence line... We managed 3...
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    This weekend we picked piles of deer ticks off my lab as they walked on his coat, he's got his lymes shot and on frontline. He's energetic, athletic and ready to go all the time...... BUT, my wife took him to the vet Thursday for a checkup and she told the vet about the ticks. So they did a...
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    Daily Bag

    2nd day, 3 guys 3 roosters & 1 goose Had to work a little longer in the field we went to, real thin cover at the front side but when we got to the back area about a 1/2 hour after light I shot the first rooster,flushed 2 hens and my son whiffed on a 2nd rooster about 100 yards later. Then he...
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    Tri-Tronics Pro 100 G3 EXP

    I have a basically new Tri-Tronics Pro 100 G3 EXP. It will have everything it comes with new plus a second collar/receiver and a holster. It's been used 4 times, charged once. Lost my young pup on a windy day in a corn field....going to a GPS model only reason it's for sale. New...
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    Federal Prairie Storm FS Steel

    I've been wanting to try these but couldn't find them in 12 ga last year, picked up 4 boxes last week when I seen them. Has anyone used these? They are 3" 1 1/8 oz of 4's @ 1600 fps 50/50 blend of fs pellets and standard steel. As I've posted before I normally use Black Cloud Close Range 3" 1...
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    NW Wi early season hunts/weather

    How's everyone doing so far this season? Birds, elk hunts, bear??? Deer opener soon here in Wi, that helps pass the time. Any good leads on the hot spots, big bucks?? We've only made it out once for geese up north, shot 4 and the new pup got some action on them big suckers in the field. While...
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    Pheasant chicks

    I was up north today and seen two separate batches of pheasant chicks, the first were starting to show the colors of the young roosters. The second group flushed from the sorghum when I road by on the 4wheeler, hen got up and a pile of little ones about the size of chickadees, they only flew...
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    Gun cleaning???

    On another post a few thing were brought up about gun cleaning. What are you using for cleaners, oils, brushes, bore cleaning, choke tube lube???
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    Who's hunting a new pup this year?

    Can't wait to hit the fields with my new addition, anyone else hunting a new pup this fall? "Cash" at a little over 5 months He's close to 7 months now, loves water and crazy about birds Post a picture and take a second to brag up your new hunting partner!
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    Pointing lab puppy?

    My lab puppy is pointing everything from our cats, tweety birds, training bumpers..... My question is if we want to maximize his pointing for upland game I've heard that you don't want pointing dogs to catch birds/dummy's because they will start breaking point thinking they can catch the object...