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    1st week in the books

    So the first week of pheasant season is over. I would like to hear how everyone in Mi did. As for myself i didnt get out much, just over the weekend. I seen probably 12 hens and 4 roosters. None in the pouch for myself:mad: But i got my young shorthair out for his first year and he did very...
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    upcoming pheasant season

    I am a avid pheasant hunter in the southern mich area. I usually hunt 3 or 4 decent locations. The amount of birds we bagged last year, for michigan, was a successful number. But as everyone knows due to weather, predation and land the amount of birds could be reduced quickly. I was...
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    Resluts of our first SD pheasant hunt in 2007

    We hunted public land from in Huron, SD from Nov 25th-30th. Our first morning we were in the field no more than 20 minutes when we came upon a swampy area with cattails. Not paying to much attention to the dogs we let them venture down into it about 60 yards ahead of us. Those cattails...
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    training a new pup

    I recently bought a GSP. He is almost 5 months old. I was wondering if anyone had some good tips i could use to to prepare him for the field next year. Such as wing training, or pointing methods. Any suggestions would be great. thanks!
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    first SD hunt

    I am from Michigan and am planning on coming to SD Nov25- Dec 1. We plan on hunting pheasants in the Huron area. If anyone has any info on that area good, bad, whatever, it would be greatly apperciated. thanks
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    info on SD hunting

    I'm from Michigan and will be heading to South Dakota Nov 25 - Dec 1. This will be my first SD hunt. I will be hunting in the Huron area. i was wondering if anyone knew of good public land to hunt in that area, or if anyone has any tips that would be great. Such as parts of fields to hunt...