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    Snow depths near Geddes/Armour

    Sloughs had a lot of snow blown in with a crust on top, they were running in there, A5 is right I’m sure it was because the crust made it very noisy and they could run on top of it. Been hunting there for 40 years and never had birds run like they were last week. Most roads were passible
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    Snow depths near Geddes/Armour

    There were plenty of birds, but I think because of the crusted snow they were unable to get under cover, running ahead and hardly any holding for the dogs. Also walking was very noisy
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    Snow depths near Geddes/Armour

    Just left there yesterday, probably about a foot plus in grass and sloughs with a crusted top. Not hard enough to hold the dogs, very hard on them and me
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    SD Youth season 2023

    That’s what it’s all about. still remember my first bird 50 years ago
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    Opening day

    Any opening day reports? West Mi was very rainy but were able to move a done birds