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    Pigeons that won't fly

    So I have recently acquired some cast off fancy pigeons to help train my 15 month Brit. Problem is the pigeons don't want to fly making them kinda useless for training. I have a manual launcher but it really doesn't do much good just throws the pigeon up but it doesn't do much flying. Any...
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    Simple Method for Teaching Whoa

    The other day I was out with my dog at the park and ran into an older gentleman with a pair of wire haired pointers. We got to talking about training etc.. and I asked him for his method for teaching whoa. The idea is this jog at a moderate pace and get your dog to chase you, as the dog is...
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    Birds near Spokane?

    I have a friend living in the area and was thinking about headed that way for a couple days, what are the upland opportunities like in the area and what would be the best month to go if I wanted to sneak in a hunt of some sort?
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    sight pointing into scent pointing

    I currently have my 6 month Brittany sight pointing a pheasant wing, per the exact instructions found in Gun Dog by Wolters. She knows her basic commands well, will freeze on whoa instantly, and understands the concept of go in easy, so my question is where should I take it from here in order...
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    New Bird Hunter

    Hi my name is Adam and I am an alco... err new bird hunter. I recently moved to Northwest, MT and have been inspired to start bird hunting due to my location and 6 month Brittany named Sienna. I have shot a few Pheasants in the past but really have not had much experience shooting or handling...