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    Hello, We are thinking about booking a trip with Southdakotawild. Has anyone hunted with this company before. Just trying to make sure they are the real deal and to find out if you had a good experience. We don't want to make a mistake. Thanks, nc bird man
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    Does anyone hunt Medicine Creek state recreation area?

    We are planning a Pheasant/Quail combo hunt to South Central Nebraska in November. I was wondering if anyone has hunted the Medicine Creek State Recreation area lands. Any info you might share would be greatly appreciated. nc bird man
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    Quail Only? Please read on!!!

    Now before you get all cranked up and think I am too snooty to shoot a pheasant let me explain myself. I have been traveling to North central Kansas for about 4 years to spend money and hunt the beautiful Ringneck. I can not get away until late December or early January. 2 out of the last 4...
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    looking for seasonal quail lease

    I am from North Carolina and have recently become semi retired. It seems as though I may have the entire months of January and February to hunt. I am thinking about the possibility of a seasonal Texas lease for Quail. Can anyone offer suggestions, areas, where to look for leases, how much I...
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    Just returned from North Central Kansas

    Wow, I did not realize how quickly a snowstorm could ruin your week! 10" in our area on Tuesday. Snow drifts that could swallow men as well as dogs. Tried to hunt Wednesday afternoon and it was impossible. The locals say the population is down but we did not see any signs of that being the...
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    Fort Riley

    Hello all, We are heading back to Kansas this year for the third year in a row. Been doing pheasants around the Beloit and Lincoln area and have done well. Being from out east we love to quail hunt and have heard some good and some bad about Fort Riley. I am looking for some first hand info...
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    looking for info on quail emphasis areas in MO

    Hello all, I am from North Carolina and am planning a couple of trips out west again for gamebirds. I have been hearing some scuttlebutt about the quail emphasis areas in MO. Does anybody know anything about them. First hand experience. Which are the best? How many covey's a day i might find...
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    pictures of the new pup

    I felt as though we we're a little under dogged while in Kansas this year. Well-i had to have a good excuse for another little buddy. She is a Smith setter out of Walkers true colors and Benelli's Quail blaster from True citizen and Clarks black copper. It took her all of about 20 seconds to...
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    Thanks for a great forum/kansas guys

    As the season draws to a close for you guys out west please humour me for a moment with a few remarks. Fortunately here in North Carolina we still have a few weeks to chase what few bobwhites are left in the deep south. Just would like to say thanks for a great bunch of people throughout this...
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    nc bird man

    Kansas all week Kansas all week Drove the 20 hours to Kansas last week arrived Sunday afternoon. Two of us and 3 pointing dogs. Two dogs less than a year old one a seasoned veteran. Wow did we have a great hunt. Hunted the area around Beloit where we found enough private land to hunt we never...
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    questions about shorthairs

    I Have a question about shorthairs. I have been running setters for many years. I am going to purchase a short hair pup towards the end of the season. I need to learn about shorthair blood lines. I like my dogs to run hard and have a natural tendency to stay with me as the cover dictates. I like...
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    anybody seeing quail?

    Fellow upland hunters, I know this is a pheasant forum but i just need a little info. Has anybody been seeing loads of quail while pheasant hunting. I will be staying in the Lincoln area for a week and am willing to travel a couple hours daily from the base camp to get into some decent quail...
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    WIHA between Lincoln and Beloit

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am planning a mid January trip to Kansas for pheasant and Quail. I will be staying just south of Beloit and hunting exclusively WIHA. If any one could direct us to some WIHA property that holds good numbers of quail in the area that would be great. We are very...
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    travel to hunt

    Hello, My name is Tom and i am new to the forum. I stumbled across the forum while planning a January trip from my home in North Carolina to the wonderful state of Kansas. I am an avid bird hunter and will travel many miles to hunt upland. I have English Setters and love them almost as much as...