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    First Weekend of Hunting

    Welp, just finished up opening weekend on the yakima res. with my brother and nephew. We had a great time. It was my nephews first time out bird hunting. He did great. It was a lot of hard walking and tired evenings, but we had success. Got five birds. My brothers GSH maggie did great!! Can't...
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    The New Guy

    Hey guys. Just joined this forum a few days ago. Its nice to read about all the pheasant hunters out there. Got into pheasant hunting about 6 years ago and have not looked back. It has been a lot of fun, but frustrating at times. Took my first trip out to North Dakota last year with my brother...
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    Gotta have Pheasants

    Hey guys. Just joined this forum. I can't wait for opening day. I live in Spokane, pretty knew to the area. Anyone know of any good spots for some ok hunting? I have done some prospecting, but not really sure on where exactly to go. I was thinking about heading south, but not to sure. Thoughts??