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  1. Scoutdog

    Game Shears

    I have these as well and they do work great. Had the same pair for 20+ years now.
  2. Scoutdog

    dog catches a pheasant

    Season before last, one of my labs caught 3 in the same trip (2 on the same day). It was bitterly cold with lots of snow on the ground. All of the catches the birds were tucked under tall grass that had been laid over by the wind and snow. 2 were roosters and 1 hen.
  3. Scoutdog

    Blue quail and bighorn sheep

    We went out to West Texas to chase blue quail for the final weekend of the season. The quail were few and far between, but we did get to see some desert bighorn sheep which was a first for us. Considering there are only about 1,200 bighorn in the state, we felt quite lucky to see them. There...
  4. Scoutdog

    SW Kansas vet question

    Iâ??m heading to SW Kansas around the Thanksgiving holidays with my dogs for some hunting. I usually try to locate vet clinics in the area where I will be hunting in the unfortunate event something happens to one of my dogs. My tentative plan is to camp at Meade State Park but may venture out...
  5. Scoutdog

    New from Austin, TX

    Hello, New to the site, but have been hunting for years. I live in central Texas, and hunt in the Texas panhandle, Kansas, and Colorado. In fact, Iâ??m heading to Colorado for pheasant this weekend. I hunt with a 9 year old lab as well as Iâ??m working with my 1 year old lab on his first season.