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    Spring time in Ohio

    You can tell it is spring time and planting time in ohio with the smell of ag chemicals filling the air. I can no longer smell the lilacs blooming in the yard and close all the windows in the house just to keep out that fresh county air.Ahh got to love it!
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    Just thinking outloud

    I know this thought may not be popular with some. How about some kind of money being set aside for habitat or for steam and lake degredation and polution by the fertilizer co. and pesticide companys. After all it there products and there promoting of there products that cause much of the damage...
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    Place to stay

    Thinking I will take a trip to northern Michigan for a two or three day grouse hunt and was wondering if anyone had some advice on a place to stay. A hotel that is dog friendly would be nice. Also close to some state or federal land to hunt on. Just me and my dog. :)
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    Pheasant numbers?

    I see that there is no post for this state. I was just wondering why.If the harvest numbers are true for Ohio we are one of the better states to hunt in.I for one do not belive the numers are that high. What is you opion?
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    Best place to live?

    Hey guys, I may have my wife talked into moving to a new part of the country after I retire in February. If you could live anyplace you wanted for the best hunting and fishing where would it be?