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    Crate temperature monitor.

    I have the same unit. Zip tie the sensor to the inside of the create and cover the create with a 3x6ft cargo blanket, after the temps get down into the low forties.
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    Obenauf's leather treatment

    Mid summer, I put my boots in the truck topper (90-110 degrees during the summer) until 1-2 PM. Put the oil on them and return to the topper for an hour, then coat with the wax, and back under the topper for another hour.
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    Dumping mud

    All right...prairie poopers then...
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    Dumping mud

    After half way through the first page...not reading any further. Paper towels now come in half sheets, fold in half and cut in half, or, cut full sheets in 4's...perfect size to fit in a quart size zip-loc baggie. Rides flat in a vest pocket. I also suppose no one has ever found quarter size...
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    Losing confidence in dog

    Dry conditions could be effecting the dogs' ability to scent birds.
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    FYI....Victor dog food recall

    I opened a new bag two weeks ago...and through the bag away. I wonder if Runnings will refund from the store receipt?
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    Bismuth #3 shot

    Can't help with the #3s...I did buy some #4s to try. Use tighter chokes when shooting Bismuth.
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    CSMC Revelation

    I've read many times where people have sent their new guns back to CSMC to address issues. It sounds odd that they didn't have you send it back to them for review? Especially a gun you've had only a month.
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    CSMC Revelation

    How long ago did you buy it?
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    CSMC Revelation

    Does it function at all? Did you make arrangements to send it back to CSMC to look at it, repair it?
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    MIA Goldenboy?

    Something happening with Goldenboy? Last post was in April...hope all is well?
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    Gun Lubrication

    I use either Renaissance Wax or Johnson's Paste Wax, before start of season, on ALL (wood and metal) exposed surfaces. I've heard/read that Hoppe's gun oil is preferred over Rem Oil.
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    Changing dog food

    Same here with PPP, I also went to Victor. Of course, Victor is going up in price, also....what's a person to do!
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    Fur-Fish-Game cover art

    Just got the August issue of Fur-Fish-Game...nice pic of dancing sharptails by Joe Hautman.
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    Vermillion highlands

    Vermillion highlands???
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    More rain! Widespread!

    Got showers here and there through the night. Grass is wet, but the ground is still dry. We need a lot more rain in central Minn.
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    Rain in some of pheasant country…🙏🏻🤞

    Wish they'd quit "short stopping" the rain from getting into Minn...those people in SD, they need to be showing us a little more respect. LOL
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    Roadside survey results

    I've been thinking about doing another road trip to check things out.
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    Rain in some of pheasant country…🙏🏻🤞

    Quite the weather patterns lately.
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    Drawer System or Leer Locker

    The Locker is pretty accessible, the back part drops down a foot, then slides out like a drawer...pretty handy in that respect.