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    Snow depths near Geddes/Armour

    Dang! I was holding out and wanted to get away from the City. Too bad this always happens on the weekends I have scheduled, in advance to get back there hunting.
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    Snow depths near Geddes/Armour

    I know they are getting some snow back there today, but does anyone know what they have for snow right now? I hunt on private ground back there, but nobody's back there to tell me anything regarding walking/hunting.
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    First South Dakota trip was a blast

    Not only is the upland bird hunting and the fishing awesome in SD, the deer hunting is phenomenal too. Grew up there, went to college there, for some reason moved to Minneapolis area, but hopefully find our way back to SD soon. I go back to SD hunting enough, I think it's time to move back...
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    Early season thoughts

    I just got hunting the last 4 days. I was pleasantly surprised how great the cover was where we hunted. There was a public land area just across the road from our private land that we hunt, and last year it was in bad shape. I was amazed how good it looked this year. A few places we stopped...
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    Snow Goose Hunting

    Have a friend that has the decoys, Caller, etc that we just started hunting with last year in SD. So just doing ourselves.
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    Snow Goose Hunting

    Hello everyone Wondering if there are any snow geese hunters on this forum? I grew up in SD and now live in MN, and will be coming back Snow Goose hunting in a couple weeks. Hoping the snow starts melting really soon. I hunt with 4-5 other people, but not really established to much yet. Kind...
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    Pheasant Fest

    I'll be at Pheasant Fest with my kids & possibly wife on that Saturday.
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    Late Season Report - We're Nearing the End

    Nice Report & details in your post! We went back and tried to give pheasant hunting a try this past weekend, around the Mitchell area. Needless to say, the snow was just way too much. We couldn't get into our private grounds due to the snow at the entrances. My nephew and I tried to walk to...
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    Just returned from SD opener. Hunted on private land by the James River. Alot of cover destroyed by July heavy rains/flooding. Our normal group of mostly 1 weekend out of the season hunters, that stand around and talk more than actually hunt, 2 hour lunches, etc, I believe we got 8-10 birds...
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    Camping for upland hunting

    I've done my time in a tent Goosemaster.
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    Camping for upland hunting

    Yep, this is camping. But I may possibly use this for a few days on one of our private grounds in SD, since the old farmhouse is no longer useable. Probably not, but you never know.
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    New license system on SD GFP

    Yah It's not that hard. Create a new account and it's actually pretty nice! I also have to buy another Habitat Stamp even though mine runs through 1/31/2022 also. I thought that was weird.
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    Have any preseason rituals?

    I usually ignore those things until after pheasant hunting. Then I regret it :) Like winterizing the boat, etc........
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    SD here I come

    Always awesome to get back to SD where I spent half of my life. Probably end up moving back there in a few years. Looking forward to the pheasant opener this weekend, seeing friends & family, and watching my 7 year old Black Lab work the fields. I absolutely love the morning sunrises with...
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    South Dakota

    I hunt Western MN at least 2 times each year. I hunt South Dakota typically 3 trips each year. There really is no comparison. If I get a bird in Western MN, I'm happy because it's generally a tough all day hunt. I spent half of my life in South Dakota, it all depends on the year, the...
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    Game Fair 2021!

    I'll be there this Saturday at the Land of Lakes Retriever Club Booth, and Sunday just hanging out there with my wife and daughters.
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    warm weather!!

    Evidently we still have lakes where we had good pheasant ground, from the flooding last year or whenever that was. Lost quite a bit of good habitat due to all the water my nephew said is still back there.
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    warm weather!!

    Yah, Unfortunately I'm heading back and hunting Friday through Monday. At least Monday will be nice and cold. Crazy weather!!!!!
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    Mud River Kennel Cover/Gunner Kennel Tie Downs

    I know the Mud River Covers have the tie downs on them, but they won't do any good in an accident. Has anyone cut the areas of the mud river kennel cover to align with the steel tie downs of the Intermediate or other size Gunner Kennels? I don't want to ruin or screw something up on the...
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    MN Pheasant Opener

    3 of us went to Western MN for opener this past weekend. It was warm, but we took plenty of breaks for our dogs, lots of water, and made it through Saturday just fine. We ended up with 4 birds, but should have had our limit as we hit 3 birds, not good enough shots, that we could not find...