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    New Law

    Limit the license to 10 days and lower the bag limit 2 sharps 2 pheasant and 2 huns per day. If you dont want to limit the license raise the price. Dont have delayed seasons
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    You can see the pros they are the ones road hunting birds.
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    MT Non Residents Bill

    I guess if its only roosters that may be true I think more about sharptails and huns as they are my favorites to hunt.
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    MT Non Residents Bill

    If you increase the number of hunters you will increase the number of birds killed I think this matters. I have heard people say that hunting has no effect on the population I just dont buy it. A lot of birds killed and then a bad winter or two and a loss of crp and other habitat and Montana...
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    MT Non Residents Bill

    So many guys dont even eat the birds I have had lots of people trying to give me there birds at the campground. It makes me wonder how many wind up in the garbage in the end. The government should really approach this in a way to protect the birds for years to come. Better to make a little less...
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    MT Non Residents Bill

    I have seen an increase in hunters in the last couple of years. People brag on the internet and telling everyone how to hunt MT. One guy does an internet show and goes through every step on camera of a MT bird hunt. This bill will do nothing. The only thing to do is lower bag limits 1 pheasant...
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    To many hunters

    I suggested lowering the limit on Huns and Sharptails to protect the birds not to reduce hunters. I dont see the need to kill 4 Sharptails a day or 8 Huns Although I have never seen anyone get that many Huns. However I have seen large groups of hunters getting the limit on sharptails day after...
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    I start to spray my dogs feet with Tuffoot 10 days before I leave and every day when I am in MT. Seems to work well.
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    To many hunters

    I am not saying the hunters should not come and hunt. My concern is the birds. A group of four gets their limit and thats 16 birds if they stay a week thats 112 birds. Are they really going to store and then eat all of them while in a hotel room or camper. To each his own I just worry with what...
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    To many hunters

    So I have been hunting in MT for about 12 years. I usually hunt Sept 1 for sharptails and Huns and sometimes stay through to pheasant season Pheasant season has always had lots of hunters but in early sept for sharpies there were never many hunters. In the first years of hunting MT I would...
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    Hows Eastern MT Spring Look

    Anybody out there that can report on the spring weather. Did they get much rain or any hail. How does the Sharptail hatch look. I am on the east coast. Hoping for another good season this year. mmmm
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    Back From Montana

    Well I am back home sorry to say after a trip to Montana. I got out there the last day of August and stayed until the 16th of Sept. Overall I had a great time, all dogs had bird work and we saw more Huns this year, less grouse and about the same on the pheasants. I got some grouse but once...
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    Campgrounds in Montana

    Someone was talking about where to stay on another thread and I did not want to hijack that thread so I am starting this one. What campgrounds do you know of that are good. This year I am moving up from a truck camper to a 23 foot trailer an I am looking for good places in eastern Montana to...
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    Hows it look in east MT

    Anybody been out, wondering how the Sharptails and Huns will be this year.