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    Any reports?

    Any reports on how it looks to the guys that have been here for a few years? I spent the first three days of season in the southwest part of the state. I had never been in the area before and it was a little overwhelming deciding where to turn the dogs out as the country was the same for...
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    New to NM

    I have recently relocated to NM for work, well kind of. Family will be heading down in a week or so. A little about myself, I have had hunting dogs as long as I can remember. Hunting dogs are my passion. I have been involved in many AKC santioned pointing dog clubs in numerous capacities, VP...
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    Walk in access?

    Does Oklahoma have a walk in access program? If not, what public ground is there to hunt, meaning are there state lands, BLM, etc.? Can't seem to get the interactive map to work on the division of wildlife page.
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    Colorado hunt

    It's been four years since I have been back hunting anything around there. I heard the numbers were good so I called an old friend englishpointerman and he was kind enough to take us out for a day on our way out to Kansas. WOW. I have seen bird numbers in other states but most of them were birds...