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    Local GSP Breeder

    I'm looking to replace my lab with a shorthair. Does anyone have any experience/references for local WA, or Northern ID? I'm looking for a dog with a tougher hide to withstand cuts and a calmer demeanor. Thanks,
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    Lab Replacement

    I've been hunting over labs for my entire life and am coming up on replacing my 10 year old soon. He's been the greatest upland lab I've ever seen, even decided he was a pointer, but that being said, he'd get outhunted by any decent shorthair. I do about 90% upland hunting and am considering a...
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    Northwest pointing Labs

    Does anyone have any experience with pointing lab breeders in the Northwest? I'm trying to find one for my dad. I lucked into a back yard bred lab that decided he'd point better than some short hairs I've seen (granted they weren't the greatest short hairs, but it spoiled me just the same)...