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    New puppies

    hey yall my best friend in midland's AKC female GSP just had a little of 10 they have great bloodlines and are gonna be excellent hunters. if anyone is interested let me know and I can get you set up. Also I am the proud new owner of one of his males. they are only 2 weeks old so they arent...
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    new location

    hey guys I have recently moved to ft worth and I know absolutely no hunters in the area. I was looking for some guys to buddy up with so I can stay fresh and learn about some spots in the area. Also for you guys who were helping me find a new dog on the bird dog forum my best friend from midland...
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    what do you guys think?

    I have been told a lot of different things about pointers, setters, and spaniels, but I am trying to get the truth. I know a GSP will also duck hunt but what about these others. Im looking for an all around bird dog upland and water. what are yalls thoughts?
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    Looking for a good dog near Lubbock

    I'm looking for a first time pointer to work with myself, I have trained waterfowl dogs and helped with a friends gsp but I need my own. anybody know of a good dog forsake prefer a pup registered that's not gonna cost me my mortgage.
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    Hello from Texas

    Hey yall just wanted to introduce myself, I've been a big hunter my whole life but recently moving from east texas to west texas I had my first Pheasant hunt this past season and I was instantly addicted. I would love to get together with some panhandle hunters who have been hunting for a while...