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    Upland Forecast

    I just read it and I am looking for some private land to pay for access to hunt for a day or two. I figure that might help my chances. I have a 2 year old bird dog that hasn't seen many birds yet.
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    Effective shot density

    I am patterning different shotgun shells and I was wondering if anyone knew what an effective shot density would be for pheasant. I guess shot size and type are factors. I currently looking at #4 bismuth and #5 and 6 lead. I'm patterning at 30 and 40 yards.
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    It Looks Grim

    Last year I found the pockets of birds. When I went back at Christmas my fields were bailed. I bet they have already been bailed this year.
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    Reloading 20ga with bismuth

    I have none. Just starting out.
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    Reloading 20ga with bismuth

    I am Considering reloading 20 gauge with bismuth. I'm looking for a 3" shell with 1 oz of number 5 bismuth. Does anybody have a recommended recipe ?
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    Snake Avoidance Training July 31 Weatherford, Tx

    It is that time of the year again. Wayne of will be at my place again on SUNDAY JULY 31 for his famous snake avoidance clinic. He will begin his clinic shortly after sunrise and go until all the dogs are trained. The cost is $100 per dog. He will NOT have the vaccine this year...
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    Orange boonie hat wanted

    I have looked at tons on Google and Amazon and none look like mil spec.
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    Orange boonie hat wanted

    I'm looking for an Orange Boony hat for upland hunting. The one I have says 1 size fits all and I think it was for a child. I had to cut it to make it fit my big head. I'm looking for one that's close to military specs because the other ones either have a really huge brim or a really small brim...
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    A true triple?

    I shoot a double barrel and there were many times I wish I had the third shell. I'm not saying I would have had the bird, but at least I would have had a chance.
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    Youth Season

    I miss youth season. My boys are now too old. I loved working the dogs and watching the kids.
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    Prairie Grouse Season

    That sound like a lot of fun.
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    New E-collar needed

    I need another new e-collar. My waterproof transmitter got water in it this weekend. It was splashed while wearing it around my neck. I have always used Sportdog. They seem to last about 2-4 years and then break. I am considering other brands because I am tired of buying a new one every 2-4...
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    Uninsulated Danner Pronghorns For Early Season...

    I bought 2 pairs of danner pronghorns about 15 years ago. They were excellent. I had no issues. I wore one pair only upland hunting, the other only deer hunting. Finally the upland pair gave up about a year ago. I bought a new pair and they leak water. I found lots of people online...
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    Let’s see em.

    First hunt. We didn't do good, but we worked hard.
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    Bird Numbers - Trail Camera Pictures

    Stupid question, but can you tell the difference between male and female juvenile birds in these pictures? I have never seen young birds before.
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    A common tip

    Years ago when there were more birds I would wait until other groups would finish hunting a field and know that if I worked it slow I would find birds they missed. I was always successful. More recent years I like to be the first one to the field to catch the dumb birds. I am usually...
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    Bird Numbers - Trail Camera Pictures

    My dog would love your field just for the rabbits. That is her favorite animal to hunt/track.
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    Bad Weather and birds

    Has there been bad weather up there that is hurting the birds? We have been getting flooded down here.
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    Youth pheasant hunting license requirement

    I am bringing my son up to Kansas again this year for the youth season. I have always bought a license for my son and one for myself. This year I have a friend that is going to meet us up there with his son. He was wondering if the adult with the youth that is hunting needs a license. He will...
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    where are the Pheasant this time of the year?

    I am hunting the same CRP Fields I did during Youth Season and not finding anything. Where do the Pheasant go this time of the year? I have only found them in the thickest brush that I really don't want to hunt because I have one old dog. In the thick brush they seem to be in big groups.