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    Opening day TR

    Ended up trick or treating until later than planned, then a hard time getting ready for bed, book read, etc so at 8pm I wasn't up for a long drive to NW Missouri as planned. Hunted closer to home Wed morning. Putting a positive spin on things, I did get a day off work to walk the fields with...
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    Woodcock opener?

    Anyone get out to chase Woodcock around yesterday? I had planned on it but a couple hours chasing the little one around the Pumpkin Patch at Fischer's in Jeff City and I ran out of day light and energy.....
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    Grouse season open- reports?

    Anyone get out in the first week? I was supposed to be in NWLP tonight, but weather is just too warm to safely put dogs down right now. Pushed back our trip until mid-week after it cools down.
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    ES recommendation?

    Anyone have a good recommendation for an English Setter breeder in Missouri? I wouldn't even mind an adult dog in need of a good home.
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    Time for Doves!!

    Everyone have their spot for tomorrow ready to go? Decoys are ready, guns and shells set out and all I have to do is sneak out of work early and go pick up the little one from school. Mornings this weekend should be nice and cool, but afternoons will be too warm for the dogs most likely.
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    Looking for Quail

    Talking to my brother about Grouse camp rapidly approaching and got on to dog training. He is having a hard time finding a place with Quail. Usually can find some at preserves North or West of Ann Arbor but not having a lot of luck right now. Would like to his dogs on some birds before we...
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    Grouse sightings

    Now that you guys can finally run your dogs again, anyone getting in to the birds? Was on vacation 3 weeks ago in NWLP and really didn't see as much as usual for that time of the year, but WI & MN seem to be forecasting some pretty good predictions. Fingers crossed, hope we are on the upswing...