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    Unhappy with my home state (MN) hunters.

    Not trying to politicize anything - simply stating the facts. As an eastern MT landowner, I share my neighbors sentiments of a socialist agenda. Enough said.
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    Unhappy with my home state (MN) hunters.

    A contributing factor to the negative attitude toward MN hunters is that states political preference. The overwhelming majority of eastern Montana landowners are politically conservative and firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment. Don't think for a minute those ranchers and farmers are not aware of...
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    Dog names and tributes

    Zippy, Granny, Jake, Chilli, Indy and Lefty
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    Smarter/Tougher pheasants

    Just completed a very successful 4 day pheasant hunt. After a month of hunting pressure, the "low hanging fruit" is pretty much gone. Something special about hunting those wiser older birds. My 2 1/2 year old GSP is gaining invaluable experience and it never ceases to amaze me a rooster's...
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    NE Montana outlook

    Save the BAH HUMBUG for Christmas! I just returned from a 9 day pheasant hunt in MT. The Ringneck population was very good and I saw fewer fellow hunters than I've seen in the past 5 years. Oh the "Magic of Flight".
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    NE Montana outlook

    Okee Dokee- enough of this nonsense. 406-444-2535 is the phone number for the DFWP in Helena MT. Call them, ask to speak to a warden and ask him/her. Then listen to them laugh their *** off regarding this claim.
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    NE Montana outlook

    AH-- Come on! (No Way)
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    Acl surgery

    With having two dogs that went through that surgery, I would say "no". Let her fully recover. Agree with Citori 16-- vet should make the call.
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    Wanting to trade a hunt

    Sharptails and Huns galore in Montana. Shoot me a PM as I would be interested in a hunting swap with you
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    First Montana upland hunt

    Thanks for sharing some great photos. Your pup looks very happy! Gotta love a great hunt with a dog.
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    Walk-in Access Point

    It is my belief that you can drive on well established two track roads on BLM property. I have no proof of this and suggest calling the local BLM office for verification. Certainly you cannot drive off road. School trust land in MT is entirely walk in from a legal access point. Block Management...
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    NE Montana outlook

    Again this year I've found very good numbers of Sharptails and Huns. Pheasant numbers in the area I hunt in NE Montana is very gloom. Got a report that the Scobey area has very good numbers of pheasants. It appears NE Montana will be spotty for pheasants, but as I stated Huns and Sharps are...
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    I was an ardent supporter of PF but after years of financial support and minimal activity in my "neck of the woods", I am no longer active in this organization. I believe that assisting landowners with routine chores provides a much larger return than advocating a top heavy administrative...
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    I forgot to include raccoons to my aforementioned list of hazards.
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    As a native Montanan and avid hunter, I have never booted my dogs in MT- never had any reason to. Make sure your pups pads are "toughened up." Northeastern MT is a vast expanse of real estate with a variety of terrain, but nothing compared to the sharp volcanic rock found in parts of Arizona...
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    Rising Costs

    Amen Brother
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    Rising Costs

    I'm curious if some upland bird hunters will be changing or even cancelling their hunting trips due to significant cost increases. I just returned from a short vacation and experienced higher costs involving fuel, lodging and dining. Toss in the added price of ammunition (when you can find it)...
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    To many hunters

    I'm not convinced reducing the daily bag limit would reduce hunter numbers. As a lifetime Montanan and avid bird hunter, I've seen a continual increase of hunting pressure to the upland bird resource in MT. Today quick access to accurate landownership maps (onx maps), a popular Block Management...
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    Dog's Name

    I got a GSP puppy a little over a year ago- I named him LEFTY. My Vet said it was a unique choice.
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    Canyon ferry

    My personal experience of releasing pen raised birds was a total failure. DFWP had a program (maybe they still do) that delivered young birds to property owners free of charge if the habitat qualified. Approximately 100 birds were released on my ranch and within two weeks there was no evidence...