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    F.a.i.r Iside

    I’m going to disagree with Mr McIntosh. Maybe back when I was 30 the longer barreled heavier guns worked better. When I got to 65 I started to think light. Had a wonderful Beretta 28 ga OU in 26” and I could shoot and kill quail all day. It was a wonderful gun. As I got older, I decided to give...
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    Quail Reports

    I haven't been out yet but was wondering what the quail situation looks like from Roswell south to the Texas line and also around Socorro, especially east and south of there. I gotta get out soon!
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    Cowdog and pistol

    I haven't been able to get ahold of cowdog this year. Hunted with him and his dog Pistol 2 years ago and we corresponded last year. Anyone know if he's still around?
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    Any Reports from SE

    If you see any pheasants when you are out dove hunting would you please report it back here. I know the NE has a lot of birds this year and I've seen the rains go through the SE Corner on a fairly regular basis so I'm wondering what the conditions there are like. Thanks
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    Any snow in ne corner?

    Well, I managed to get out for Pheasants for about 2 hrs after helping my buddy from Pueblo bag a muley doe south of Wray earlier this year. Finally found a bunch flying into a bedding field that was also a WIHA, walked in a knocked down a rooster, but couldn't find him. Bummer!! This is why I...