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  1. burls

    Anywhere around Champaign area to hunt birds???

    I moved to the Champaign area a year ago...i used to live in Springfield and hunted Jim Edgar Panther Creek alot. Since moving to the Champaign area I have been unable to find anywhere to run and hunt behind my 2 pointing labs. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know these dogs need...
  2. burls

    Dates for SD non resident pheasant opener???

    Does anyone have a good guess at the the dates that pheasant hunting in SD will open for non residents for 2009?? Remember i said good guess... i know that they havent(at least i dont think they have)been set yet...give me your best guess. I'm trying to start to look at a calendar for next season.
  3. burls

    Lets See Your some pic's

    Here is major my GSP. I have had hi about one year.
  4. burls

    Are any of you starting to get dogs into shape??

    What are you guys currently doing to work your dogs towards fall ...or is it too early?? I am currently working my dogs for about 20 to 25 minutes 2 to 3 days a week right now...letting my GSP run and work ....Labs are running a little then swimming the rest. Curious to see what others are...
  5. burls

    Anyone got any reports of bird outlook for 2007??

    I wondered if anyone got any reports on bird outlook for 2007?? I was out driving the Panther Creek WMA and saw a couple of broods the other day. Hope it will be a good year...well as good as Illinois can no South
  6. burls

    Anyone have any experince with K9 Koach Dog Trailers??

    I'm looking at a K9 Koach dog trailer...seems to be an goood alternative to a more expensive trailer like a Jones or Crow River and they are made in midwest which is close to me. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them??
  7. burls

    Dog transportation troubles

    I have a trip to South Dakota booked for this Fall....thats the good news. The bad news(not really bad news...challengeing news) is my buddy now wants to ride with me...ok thats cool...oh ya he has a dog and i have three. So i need to transport 2 guys, 4 dogs and hunting gear in a Jeep Grand...
  8. burls

    Whats your Dog Kennel like???

    :confused: I was wondering what people do for their dog kennels??? I have a 2 dog kennels that sit on dirt/straw/bark chips ..inside a 40 yard by 10 yard run area. I am going to put a concrete pad in for the kennel to sit on...any suggestions??? Does the top of pad need to be finished in a...
  9. burls

    Jim Zumbo Statement

    Did anyone hear about Outdoor Writer Jim Zumbo's statement over the weekend on the internet about Assault rifles and there use as hunting weapons? Basically he said he was more of a traditionalist and didnt see a place for assualt rifles in hunting. Well i guess the NRA got it's dander all up...
  10. burls

    Wanting to plan 2007 trip to hunt Idaho

    I am Wanting to plan 2007 trip to hunt Idaho to hunt pheasants, huns, chukars. I used to live in Twins Falls about10 years ago and hunting was pretty good....I am looking for some inside scoop on were to go now. I am really interested in hunting chukars at some point. Any advice??? I know...