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  1. beaker

    Pheasant Opener

    Today is New Mexico's opener for pheasant we get all of 4 days to chase them around and what fun it is :thumbsup:
  2. beaker

    free to a good home

    I have a dog trainer friend whose wife has passed away, as a result of his health issues he is moving in with his family several states away and his family doesn't have the facilities to care for his dogs. He has three intact male Brittanys that we are trying to place they have all been...
  3. beaker

    would of, could of, should of - My trip to Kansas

    would of - liked for my new pup to have hunted with us, but had to rush him to the emergency "room" the first morning because of extreme vomiting and weight loss could of - done a lot of things differently - "hindsight is 20/20" should of - turned around and headed back home after five days...
  4. beaker

    License Question?

    My girlfriend wants to come to Kansas with me to help work/train the dogs during the upcoming season; she won't be carrying a gun/hunting, she just wants to work the dogs while I try to knock down some birds. Will she need a hunting license? I'll call KDWP if you guys don't know, but I thought...
  5. beaker

    what is the status of this years wheat harvest?

    anyone have any insight on this years wheat harvest?
  6. beaker

    Training and High Temperatures?

    How do you guys handle training in extreme heat? We have had a stretch of near 100 degree weather lately, which is relatively rare where I am at. Other than shortening training sessions and training early morning and late evening any one got any suggestions on how to get some good quality...
  7. beaker

    is there an OFF switch?

    I have a 10 month old male GSP, rescued about 7 weeks ago and I can't seem to find the OFF switch. When we are training/playing with a tennis ball, as an example, and it is time to stop he will throw a tantrum - jumping up on me, tugging/biting his checkcord, just going bezerk. He gets so...
  8. beaker

    Why can't we all get along?

    I have recently rescued a 7 month GSP from a family that was going to have him euthanized, now after 4 weeks of interaction with my other two dogs, my thirteen year old lab mix is becoming more and more aggressive towards the "newbie" and the rest of the family. The lab mix has health issues...
  9. beaker

    Anyone out and about?

    Has/Is anyone going out to enjoy New Mexico's four day pheasant season?
  10. beaker

    Youth Hunt

    to all, fortunate enough to be taking the future into the field this weekend, good luck, be safe, cherish the time, Pass It On!
  11. beaker

    Controlling puncturevine

    anyone had any success/advice for controlling/eradicating puncturevine (goatheads)?
  12. beaker

    Solo tactics?

    For the past 10 years I have done a company pheasant hunt, as you might imagine with the economic situation they have cut out the "fluff"; chasing pheasants doesn't meet my standard for "fluff" (give up groceries first!) so my question for all is - Are there any good tactics for a dogless solo...
  13. beaker

    Thanks for having me!

    thanks to all the members of the forum, been reading posts since the old site and finally got enough gumption to sign up been chasing birds for the past decade, not nearly as long as some, but I'll catch up one of these days thank you for all the insight, information and the willingness to...