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    BLM billons
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    Old Pheasant hunter in IN !!!! :thumbsup:
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    19 Gun Salute

    Idaho says good by
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    Cecil Idaho lost a great man An a true supporter of pheasant hunting. He started the 1989 Pheasant workshop at Boise state U trying to save pheasant hunting in Idaho a thing he loved and not so much...
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    A Tree for DC

    From Idaho to Dc Ho Ho Ho :thumbsup:
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    Huns in Hell see "Huns in Hell" its all down hill ;)
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    Flatlanders Flatlanders NOT!
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    state transfer
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    Fed Lands
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    The West
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    Wolf inpact
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    Pheasant opener in SE Oregon Turkeys 20 to 1 In what "was" some fine Pheasants habitat :mad:
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    Dogs & Traps
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    Fire & Sage
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    Does any one have a "GOOD" reason that dove season does not open on August 15. in the northern states. In Idaho the dove's are bunching up getting ready to leave in the next few weeks. :mad:
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    The value of sagebrush
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    Pesticides See pages 24 & 25 I think this would apply to Pheasants also .
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    Invasive plants are non native next?
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    bad -bad lands