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  1. guff

    leque island pheasant release site?

    I was wondering if anyone has any news about leque? I know Washington waterfowl association has gone to great lengths to stop the flooding of the island but, I am not sure they are working to keep the release site open. we definitely need a voice in all of this.
  2. guff

    citori 625 feather vs silver pigeon II

    im still on the hunt for a new gun, and while drooling over the browings I noticed a beretta silver Pigeon II, besides from the safety/barrel selector it seemed like a great gun. besides brand loyalty what qualities would make one better than the other for an all around game gun? beretta...
  3. guff

    browning Vs browning.

    hello everyone, what a great site this is! I have finally saved up some play money and I am planning on getting a pair of guns to use for everything from jump shooting ducks to grouse and doves. I also do a lot of backyard clay busting but nothing serious. but Im having a hard time figuring out...