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    This is my observation after 20+ trips to MT. You need to plan when to go out there. I'm not going to say when I go out there, but hunting pressure is not an issue. Brookville, you stated "Every stop, well almost every stop I made Tuesday, had feathers on ground". If those feathers were from...
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    Boss shotshells?

    Last season I shot Boss 2 3/4" 5s 12ga for pheasants. Outstanding shell. Very few cripples compared to steel. Misses are misses. Kills are kills. By the end of season 3 others in my group were using the same shell. All 3 were equally impressed as me. You'll have to tighten your choke pattern as...
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    Unhappy with my home state (MN) hunters.

    Returned from my 2nd trip this year to MT and will be back in December. Close to over 20 trips under my belt. Been able to forge lasting relationships with many of the landowners out there. This year was different with the landowners. Not towards me, but there attitude toward out of state...
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    NE Montana outlook

    Earlier in this discussion you were complaining about all the hunters coming to MT. yet you freely give out locations. Please PM people if you are going to continue to give information. You do this on other State forums as well. I'm going to says this again, "This forum needs to institute a no...
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    NE Montana outlook

    Their common sense will come when they pull up to their favorite spot and there's three trucks there. The reports I'm getting is hunting pressure was extreme opening weekend.
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    NE Montana outlook

    This forum needs to institute a no hot spotting rule like Upland Journal has.
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Just got back from MT. Cover wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Saw plenty of pheasants. Never in all the years, 15, have I seen as many huns as we did this year. Big covies. Never flushed a sharptail. Back out in 3 weeks.
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    Asking For/Giving Advice

    I have been following this forum regularly for many years now. I enjoy the stories, pictures and general comments. Although, I am a UPH Rookie, I have been hunting for 38 years in 5 states and Canada. I mainly hunt MN & MT now. There is one thing on this site that frustrates me... I can tell by...