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  1. RJT

    Lease prices?

    Gents, what's a good estimate for the going rate for private lease prices in north central / northwest KS? Say from around Hays to Atwood? I'd like to get into a nice long term lease private for upland.
  2. RJT

    Kansas birds bite back

    Made it up to your great state for some bird hunting this past week. Hunted Norton and Oberlin. I was hunting a thick grassy draw, and my lab flushed a bird right from under her. It was big and gray, and at first glance I thought it was another hen. I quickly realized it was a hawk. When the dog...
  3. RJT

    Spaying have any effect on hunting drive?

    I've got a Lab going into her second cycle , and a GSP going into her first. I'd like to get the Lab spayed. Does that affect prey/hunting drive at all?
  4. RJT

    Dog Booties

    Can anyone recommend some that stay on well and have decent traction?
  5. RJT

    Wiha around Cheyenne Bottoms?

    how does the Pheasant look this year? This will be my first trip to Kansas for Pheasant, coming from Dallas. From reading on here, it looked like a decent area to go visit between the public land at the bottoms and wiha in the area. Is there an area that would be much better this year? Pheasant...