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  1. kick them up

    What are your plans this year?

    Just got word that SD is now on my list of hunts this fall. This is awesome for my two new pups training.
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    A couple firsts, a couple questions

    Awesome Congrats! It took me a season to bag one too!
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    What are your plans this year?

    I'll be taking the squad of Lab's to our annual hunt by La Crosse with the same group since 1990 so this one is special since some of use have never missed a year. That said I am optimistic we will run into some birds and some deer as I am heading out the weekend before to bow hunt. Then...
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    Fall Turkey

    I hunt them in the fall some if I tag out on deer. Friends of mine in WV and KY use dogs to flock bust then zip them up in a giant pillowcases and call them back to the flush spot. saw about 20 birds headed to our corns yesterday morning. it's the 3rd time so I guess I have them patterned.
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    Pointing Labs in Kansas

    I had one who passed and now have a 3.5 year old that will point them but not super hard. She will be breed next cycle in about 6 months as she is in heat now with a pointing lab stud from Missouri my friend has that trains pointing labs and GSP's. That's her in the profile pic at 6 months.
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    Quail Whistles up for 2020

    I have been seeing and hearing a bunch of quail in the NE region as well. I saw 3 pairs on one road over a two mile trip. encouraging for sure!
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    Feeling optimistic

    I know Josie is about to hit a heat cycle but we will wait till the next one so she can show the pups how its done this fall. She should go back into heat in January which would be great so we have pups for spring 2021. Going to make a run on Montana's public land this fall then hit SD on my...
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    Feeling optimistic

    I hope to as she is breeding with a champion pointing lab.
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    Feeling optimistic

    Hello UPH'ers , Well as we all know it sure has been a different year. That being said I have a few things that make me feel optimistic still in the face of all that is going on out there. First off I did it again but this time I am in double trouble. In December the wife had the big idea to...
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    My dog on Gundog TV

    For the next couple weeks me and my lab Josie will be on a few episodes of CZ USA's Gundog TV on the Sportsmans Channel hunting in Greensburg KS. It was our first professionally filmed hunt and she did not disappoint me one bit. It was fun meeting some folks i have watch hunt for years. one...
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    2019/2020 will be a season to remember

    Its been a minute since I posted or chimed in on the forum. It's been a real busy year for my bird hunting career. So as some of you know I work for CZ USA which does come with some perks when I am not traveling, selling and instructing. This summer into fall I have had some epic events...
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    NEW CZ-USA Autoloader

    Coming in 2019 is the new CZ-USA 1012 Auto Shotgun. It has not been released to the public yet but I will post some pics soon as I am field testing it still:D. I have run it with low power target shells to 3 inch thumper turkey loads and it cycles it all:thumbsup:. PM me should you have any...
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    Lost a great one

    Well Ryanne lost her battle with time yesterday. She was not formally trained but was hell on Roosters. This was the third time I have had to make a tough call and as bird hunter is doesn't ever get easier, in fact it gets harder as I get older too. Ryanne's Chocolate Stout 11/8/2003 to...
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    One last go of itfor this season

    I am headed west at noon today to give one last go with the old Brit Rufus and the new Lab pup Josie before I head to SHOT show 2018 on Monday:nutz: Going to be using the new CZ Field Supreme and the new Reaper Magnum. Looks to be warm tomorrow and possible wet on Sunday, but we are not...
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    New shotguns for 2018 from CZ USA

    Well since we are all family here on UPH I thought I would share some info ahead of time on some new CZ Shotguns for 2018. There are several now models that I am excited about and will post spics shortly as I have been using them here in KS on my hunts this fall. Here are my picks so far. PM me...
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    Dream Hunt

    I got called into the bosses office this week and was told since she has a schedule conflict that she wont be able to do a hunt and asked if I wanted to take her place. So it looks like I am going on a 10 day horseback Elk and Muley hunt in the Hell's Canyon region of Idaho with HGO outfitters...
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    New team member

    Here is my newest team member as of fathers day from my wife.:thumbsup: She is a Chocolate Pointing Lab and is 4 weeks old in the pic. She will come home in 3 weeks and to begin training:eek:. Everyone this is Josie:10sign...
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    PF chapters vendor direct program

    Howdy everyone, Just a note to those PF chapters folks to get your fund raising vendor direct packages in ASAP as there are a limited number of products available. You can also see the products at the CZ USA booth at Phez Fest later this month. If you have questions you can PM me here or...
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    Remington model 740 30.06

    Howdy Gents, I have a 1958 Remington model 740 chambered in 30.06. I had a custom stock and recoil pad added to it by a European stock master who owed me a favor. It does work and cycle rounds nicely and I have taken several deer with it over the year, but I must clear space in my safe for...
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    Brittany pups

    Hey Ya'll, I got my landowners son who is looking for a Brittany pup. My line of Britt's has gone south so if anyone has a line on a good hunting Brittany please PM me. I live in OP KS, but he lives in Plainville. Thanks for any help you can give! Kick'em Up!