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    According to the South Dakota GFP the annual brood survey starts July 25 and ends August 15. What is your prediction for the state wide % up down or the same
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    16 gauge pheasant ammo

    I finally broke down and bought a new sweet 16. My question is what ammo do you use for wild pheasants?
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    Out west pheasant hunting

    Any of you Tennessee boys going to the dakotas to Pheasant hunt this year?
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    Middle Tennessee waterfowl hunters

    Just moved from Virginia to Tennessee last year. Just wondering if any of you guys do any waterfowl hunting in middle Tennessee. My group is hunting pheasants the 4th week of the season in South Dakota.
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    Road counts

    Shouldn't the road counts be coming out this next week? What's it going to be up down or the same as last year
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    Our best trip ever

    My group of 9 four of us from Tennessee and 5 from Indiana hunted Uguides Pheasant Camp Lodge near Lake Andes last weekend Fri, Sat and Sun. On Fri the wind blew 40+ mph. We couldn't keep our hats on our head. The birds were super spooky but we were able to scratch out 15. Sat the wind died down...
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    Road Survey

    I'm sure the much awaiting road survey is close to being published. As I remember the past few years it came out the Friday before Labor Day weekend. It might be delayed a little this year because the chamber of commerce will want to review it to see if they have to beat the crap out of the...
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    Where is Safari

    Ok guys you have to admit it is way to quite around here. We need Safari the soothsayer and great prognosticator of all things pheasants to give us his predication of this up coming season. SAFARI where are you
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    If you are upset with SD

    Come to Virginia for pheasants if you are upset with the road counts in South Dakota. There is no daily or yearly limit on the number of birds you can kill. Heck you can even shoot hens. There is a ton of government land to hunt and getting on private land shouldn't be a problem particularly in...